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The James NoMad Sales & Marketing Team Volunteers

In the spirit of giving back and supporting our local community, on December 12th the James New York – NoMad Sales & Marketing Team volunteered to provide support to the Actors Theatre Workshop. The ATW provides New York City Homeless children with unique and life-changing experiences with a 12 week after school theatre and education program, The Builders of the New World. In conjunction with this program ATW hosts holiday celebrations for the children providing the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious meal, experience a drama class and receive a special holiday gift.

The James NoMad team assisted the theatre with the holiday celebration including, setting up for the party, decorating the theatre, serving food, joining in creative exercises with the children, and assisting with flyers and newsletter creation.

“Catch A Vibe” – The James NoMad

The James New York – NoMad welcomed top clients last night to “Catch a vibe” and indulge in the scene while paying homage to the prohibition past. Special performances included Ezinma and Najah Lewis. Prohibition activations included complimentary hand massages by Sundays with a special custom purple nail color takeaway, shoe shine station, and cigar girls passing out CBD edibles.

Happy Thanksgiving from The James Nomad, Shelburne and Fifty Team!

The James Nomad and Shelburne enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast catered by Boston Market while the Fifty team showed off their cooking skills and brought in their favorite dishes to share! Each hotel was surrounded with good food, good company and shared lots of laughs.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

The James Nomad   

Shelburne Hotel and Suites

Fifty Hotel and Suites

The James NoMad – Halloween Hoopla!

The James New York NoMad celebrated Halloween early with their very first Halloween Hoopla event!! Team members competed against each other for the most baskets in under two minutes! There was an array of sweets and snacks for the spectators to enjoy while watching this intense competition get all the way to the final round! Juan Acosta and Cesar Cabrera were the winning team, taking home$100 and hotel bragging rights!!

2018 Big Apple Stars Nominees

Congratulations to the Denihan 2018 Big Apple Stars Nominees!

Full Time Hourly with Guest Contact

Betty Veliz – The Benjamin

Jasmin Rivera – Fifty Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Nigel Bradshaw – Gardens Suites Hotel by Affinia

Luc Aboua – The James New York – NoMad

Treshawwna Knight – Shelburne Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Fatima Kdiry – The Surrey


Full Time Hourly without Guest Contact

Braulino DeJesus – The Benjamin

Charlie Evan – Fifty Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Anibel Caballero – Gardens Suites Hotel by Affinia

Manuel Cruz – The James New York – NoMad

Henry Baj – Shelburne Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Tony Randolph Sahai – The Surrey


Full Time Room Attendant

Maria Gros – The Benjamin

Lena Narinesammy – Fifty Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Emma Perez – Gardens Suites Hotel by Affinia

Maria Rodriguez – The James New York – NoMad

Miguelina Jimenez – Shelburne Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Mery Cardenas – The Surrey


Manager Below General Manager

Leticia Ryan – The Benjamin

Christina Trusu – Fifty Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Nadia Rodriguez – Gardens Suites Hotel by Affinia

Dave Stewart – The James New York – NoMad

Ecker Cano – Shelburne Hotel & Suites by Affinia

Kelsey Pratt – The Surrey

Real Estate Weekly with Chrissy

What a great profile on Chrissy Denihan delivered to us by Real Estate Weekly


Real Estate Weekly

Suite life gives Denihan scion an edge in hotel business

By Jackson Chen | August 30, 2018

Since Chrissy Denihan was a little girl, she’s been around the family business of hotels and hospitality.

She grew up in the Lyden House hotel, a former property of the Denihan Hospitality Group’s portfolio that has since been transferred to Rockefeller University’s ownership.

During those formative years, she was exposed to the intricacies of a fast-evolving hotel industry in New York City.

Living in the Lyden House in Midtown East, Denihan absorbed everything from how the hotel’s guest service agents interacted with customers, to riding the elevators with those worldly customers who were experiencing New York for the first time.

“It’s an experience that can’t be measured,” Denihan said of her childhood. “It’s cool to see and it’s still one of my favorite things to do, to sit in the hotel lobby and watch the travelers and see how they experience our products.”

All that knowledge formed a solid foundation for her professional life. Denihan has worked for the family business for 12 years, the last of which was as vice president of asset management and development.

Currently, Denihan Hospitality Group owns and operates several luxury and boutique hotels in popular U.S. markets. Its varied collection includes The James hotels and the Affinia Hotel Collection, as well as independt outfits such as The Surrey and The Benjamin.

More recently, the company has been looking to focus more on the hotel management side of things and partnering with owners of independent, off-branded hotels.

Denihan said it’s a balancing act between ownership and management but that the company is looking to provide valuable experience in partnerships with smaller hotels.

With her executive title comes many responsibilities and Denihan has a hand in many different pies.

Her role includes managing everything from the company’s James Hotel in Washington, D.C. set to open in 2021, to the major renovation of the Shelburne Hotel at 303 Lexington Avenue under their Affinia brand in the city.

She’s also involved in the search for a food and beverage partner that matches each of their hotels, like Scarpetta at the James Hotel in NoMad, French restauranteur Daniel Boulud’s Boulud Café Boulud at The Surrey in the Upper East Side and celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s The National Bar at their Benjamin Hotel in Midtown East.

More simply, she’s responsible for making sure all of the company’s hotels perform to their highest potential, bring in the most money they can and keep their customers happy and returning.

Looking forward, Denihan said that the company is interested in other markets. Like their D.C. expansion, she said there are a few opportunities to expand their James Hotel line, whether it’s in New York or across the nation and North America.

Despite being tasked with all these duties, Denihan said it’s an exciting time for the hospitality sector. In the last decade or so, she explained that traveling has evolved and with it, their customers.

“The market and the style in which hotels and lifestyle boutiques are used has changed so much,” Denihan said. “People are using social spaces more than they were a decade ago.”

Denihan added that travelers are more interested in experiential travel, looking for experiences with their lodging and finding the right restaurant to dine in.

The VP added that the hospitality industry in New York can expect a coming tailwind as with several major projects coming online. Denihan said that with Hudson Yards, Manhattan West, Moynihan Station and JP Morgan redeveloping their new headquarters, she’s expecting a great deal of visitors and attention on New York City.

To capture that coming crowd, Denihan has put her faith in her family business’ model. To separate themselves from the crowd of luxury hotels, she pointed to the values she learned over time with her family that have found their way into the company’s operations.

From her childhood time spent in one of the hotels, to working in the family business for more than a decade, she said there are certain things that can’t be taught.

“Growing up in the hotels, you realize it’s about the human connection,” Denihan said. “We all know how to run different operations and look at different projections, but I think that something that is not always taught is the human connection.”

Denihan said that they prioritize how their employees treat their guests, how well they work with one another, and how they look to provide a real experience to those staying at their hotels.

“The one thing that really sets us apart is really just being honest and candid with one another,” Denihan said of her family. “I think that trickles throughout our entire [company] culture.”

The Fifty NYC – Housekeeping Week 2018

The Fifty celebrated all week 70’s style!!  The week kicked off with management flipping pancakes while the team played “THE PRICE IS RIGHT” where associates had to guess the cost of hotel related items.  Did you know a vacuum cost $69 in 1970!? The week continued with massages, Cuban lunch, dance off, and fresh made smoothies.  The highlight of the week was at the morning standup where the management team arrived  dressed in style and danced to disco music.

The James NoMad – Housekeeping Week 2018

The James NoMad Housekeeping Week was filled with competition, artistic style, and lots of food!  Breakfast started the week off right on Monday! Tuesday the team competed in Minute-To- Win-It games using everyday housekeeping items.  The highlight of the week was on Wednesday where the team enjoyed a full barbeque all cooked by Dave Stewart.  The chicken was the hit and it took him a whole day to prepare.  At Sip & Paint, the team showed their artistic ability, enjoyed some cheese, and sipped some wine.  A scavenger hunt and pizza party concluded this week of fun events.    


The Shelburne – Housekeeping Week 2018

The Shelburne hotel enjoyed a week of food, fun, and festive activities to celebrate Housekeeping Week! Breakfast started the week celebration followed by a competitive basketball tournament on Tuesday.  Eight teams competed to get the most baskets in two minutes.  Richie and Agnes were our winning team taking home $100!!! The week continued with massages and a visit from the ice cream truck.  A taco bar on the rooftop conclude the week and associates took home umbrellas as a gift of appreciation.


2018 Summer Outing – The Gardens, the James NoMad, the Shelburne and the Surrey

The Gardens, the James NoMad, the Shelburne, and Surrey Hotels joined forces for the 2018 summer outing.

The hotels headed to Forest Lodge in NJ to enjoy a full day of sun, swimming, and eating. People danced, swam, played basketball, and even had some hotel vs hotel competitive games. The water slide and cotton candy were the highlights of the day!



Denihan Chia Pets

A great note from Shena Kirby with our Sabre Call Center team to Andrea LoPiccolo!

“The team has had so much fun with these little chia pets you handed out during your visit.

Here are some pics we thought you would enjoy! Thank you from our team!”

Farewell Summer Interns!

Denihan Hospitality Group was lucky to have three incredible summer interns – Carolyn Najarian, Megan Luna-Victoria and Charlie Rech! We are so grateful for all of their hard work and dedication.

All three interns will be entering their senior year of college – we wish them the best of luck and hope they continue their paths within the hospitality industry.


Christmas in July!

The Benjamin celebrated Holidays in July a few weeks ago!

We hosted a successful event where 25-30 of our repeat and new customers were able to see our events spaces come alive for the holidays!

Chef Rezart blew everyone away with his super delicious ravioli, mini pizzas and pigs in a blanket.

We even had a surprise celebrity join in the fun…Summer Santa was a big hit!! Can anyone guess who our Santa was??????????? (HINT: JR)

Thank you to the Benjamin team for throwing a great event!


As Services Week Comes To An End…

As Services week comes to an end…we thank everyone who participated!!
Way to make a us gals feel appreciated!

Lunch at the National!

Coffee and treats from Garine and the sales team!

Thank you to the Shelburne team for our lovely Edible Arrangement and the Fifty and Benjamin teams for a great Panera lunch!!

Celebrating Services Week!

Get ready for Denihan’s 2nd Annual Celebrate Services Week!
Be sure to say “thanks” to your lovely services team!!
Denihan’s services team includes:
Jaimie Barbot, Jennifer Delgado, Brittany Favorito, Slavka Kmec and Megan Wiley

Slavka, Brittany and Jennifer attended the annual NYC & Co event at beautiful Gallow Green and connected with service professional from other hotels.

Jennifer, Jaimie, Slavka and Megan were awarded gold stars from Josh Steele & team thanking us for all we do

Fifty 2018 Summer Outing

The fifty hotel team headed to Coney Island yesterday for the team summer outing! Everyone enjoyed a full day of rides, beach, adventure and fun! A family style BBQ was served for everyone to enjoy with games all around. A competitive Jenga game between housekeeping and front desk was the highlight of the day with front desk taking the win!

Mid-Year Awards

Congratulations to all of our associates and hotels on their well-deserved awards and raffle wins during our Mid-Year Awards!

Here are some great photos from our event!



Vote for The Surrey!

The Surrey is once again nominated to be the No. 1 Hotel in NYC in the 2018 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards! We’d like to claim this honor for the THIRD time and to do it, WE NEED YOUR HELP! It only takes two minutes to vote, and you’ll be entered to win a 15-day cruise for two!

It’s easy: just click this link to cast your vote – we’re counting on you!

Thank you!
The Surrey Team

The James NoMad – New Cafeteria Celebration!

The James NoMad revealed the new team member cafeteria today and celebrated Fiesta Style with a taco bar and festive music for all to enjoy!

A competitive cafeteria naming contest helped pick the name of the new space! The final vote went to the ‘The James Café’ and our winners, Al Bido and Ashraf Hussain, received gift cards….and bragging rights!


Congratulations to The James New York – NoMad Team Members of the Month

The James New York – NoMad enjoyed homemade fresh fruit smoothies while celebrating our Team Members of the Month!  A BIG shout out and well deserved congratulations to our Winners!!!

January:              MANNY CRUZ

February:           HECTOR RIVERA

March:                MARIE JOSEPH

April:                    DOUGLAS MURILLO


Gardens team took a break to destress from the redesign project with a little craft therapy and enjoy the beautiful weather.  A treat for the best team to handle a renovation!  Now, we can watch them grow.

Your Valentine is at The James Chicago

Chocolate covered strawberries – hand dipped and decorated by our own Executive Team – were delivered to all team members on Valentine’s Day morning as a special treat of recognition. Our famous “Buddy Grams”, that team members can send to each other, were also available again this year. Valentine’s Day in full bloom!

Heartfelt Moments!


The James New York – NoMad; A Grand Opening – History in the Making on February 7, 2018!

On February 7th, The James New York – NoMad celebrates being fully open with the introduction of The Seville cocktail lounge, and of restaurant Scarpetta’s new flagship location inside The James New York – NoMad. With the addition of The Seville & Scarpetta, we are excited to share that this marks the hotel’s completion & it’s time to spread the news!

Historical documents show that in 1901 plans were filed with the city of New York to construct a 12-story brick and stone hotel on Madison Ave. In 1904 the hotel was completed and became Hotel Seville, which operated from 1904 to 1987. Today the building that homes The James New York – NoMad is a historic treasure and a clear example of Beaux-Art architecture.

The neighborhood, now re-branded as NoMad (North of Madison Square Park), evokes feelings of the past explained to be a “balance of high quality dining paired with decadent social indulgences” by LDV Hospitality President, John Meadow.

As a throwback, and in honor of The James New York – NoMad’s eclectic building’s history, Meadow said he is “thrilled to launch our newest lounge concept, The Seville, to personify the neighborhood”. The speakeasy lounge, The Seville, is a new concept for LDV Hospitality but is the perfect addition to the hotel for urban explorers who want to experience a bit of New York City history while indulging in a craft cocktail.

Join us in the celebration and share our grand opening offer!

Best of luck Shirley Ross, We will miss you!

After 45 years of service working at Denihan, Shirley Ross is retiring. Today, January 31, 2018 will be her last day of work at the Shelburne NYC. She has had a long successful career with Denihan that started on October 23, 1972.  She has touched the lives of many people over the years and there are no words to truly reflect how much Shirley will be missed.  She will never be forgotten with all she has done over four decades and we hope she enjoys every minute of her well-deserved retirement!

Conde Nast Traveler – Readers’ Choice Awards for The James Chicago

Congratulations! We are excited to share that The James has been voted one of Chicago’s best hotels yet again by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler. With so many hotels in the city, it is no easy feat to be amongst the top 25 properties. It is thanks to the great service and guest experience driven by everyone here that we continue to garner these accolades after 11 years.

 Feel free to explore the full article here:

James Talk + Wellness Picnic Events with Tao Porchon-Lynch


The James New York – NoMad hosted their first successful James Talk and Wellness Picnic at Madison Square Park, hosted by the iconic Tao Porchon-Lynch!

We are thrilled that the feedback from both events was very positive and attendees especially were impressed with the overall James brand and the importance of wellness integration.

A total of 32 guests attended the ‘Conversation with a Master’ talk which included hotel guests, Tao followers, medi

a, influencers and potential brand partners. The intimate Wellness Picnic and yoga in the park included 18 participants.

The Well + Good and Business Insider teams were present to capture video footage of the events as well as one-on-one interviews with Tao.

During her media interviews, Tao explained the energy she felt when she walked into the property and how special and intimate all aspects of the James New York -NoMad are, viewing the hotel as a home. Additionally, she shared how important it is to stay balanced while traveling and felt honored to be part of the James’ initiatives in offering guests just that.

Additionally, both events received a total of 514K social impressions, which includes Well + Good social account, influencer Joey Zauzig, along with Tao’s key followers, all sharing their


We are looking forward to hosting more James Talks in the new lobby and to further our partnership with Madison Square Park.

Recent Awards and Media Coverage

Denihan properties have been enjoying some time in the spotlight with recent awards and media coverage. We’re rounding them all up for you below:

  1. Architectural Digest named The James Chicago one of their Most Incredible Hotels in the World for Under $250.
  2. Both The James New York – SoHo and The Surrey made Harpers Bazaar’s list of the 30 Best Hotels in New York City.
  3. The Benjamin received a 9/10 in The Telegraph’s review, which included some strong call outs about our landmark status, The National, our stellar service, signature sleep program and more.

We look forward to sharing more awards and media coverage with you as they happen.

Welcoming Summer at Corporate


Corporate HR hosted a Summer Kick Off party at Corporate today where all enjoyed hot dogs, NY pretzels, karaoke, prizes and a fun time. Thanks to all that made this a success, especially Cindy Johnston.


Cinco de Mayo in Chicago

Fajitas, Conchas, Mexican candy, Garlands and Sombreros to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in J-Café @ The James Chicago! A small teaser for our big team member party “Quince de Mayo – La Fiesta!”. We are looking forward to celebrating our newly renovated lobby and to spend some fun times with the entire team! Chicago – don’t forget to RSVP!

The next generation at The James Chicago

For the 2017 “Bring your sons and daughters to work day” campaign, The James Chicago hosted 15 children of our team members for a shift last week. Their schedule included a mindful meditation and reflection session with yoga and coloring, minibar inventory and restocking, iPiggy Bank training, ice cream making lessons, and of course shadowing their parents during their work day! You all did a great job!

NYU Career Fair!

Chung and I had a very successful time at the NYU Spring 2017 Hospitality and Tourism Career Fair! There were many interested students that approached us for potential employment in the future as well as summer internships. All were very knowledgeable of the company which shows that the Denihan name is certainly out there! A special thanks and recognition to Ed Maynard, Steve Rubin, and Dominik Gomez Muschenborn for their efforts in spreading the interest in Denihan to their students whom only had great things to say about them!

Green Key Global Initiative at The Gardens NYC

The Gardens NYC recently received their assessment score back from Green Key Global achieving a 4 KEYS eco-rating for sustainability initiatives and green hotel practices! The Green Key Eco- Rating program consists of a 165 question assessment related to sustainable hotel operations. 

The team partnered the entire 4th quarter of last year with a NYIT Global Center for Hospitality Management practicum class holding walk-throughs, interactive sessions on processes and department shadowing of our property leaders.

4 Keys are awarded to a hotel that: shows National Industry Leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide-ranging polices and practices 


The James Chicago Makes History- KEYPR in-room tablets go live!

On 1/25/2017 The James Chicago made Denihan Hospitality Group history going live with our interactive KEYPR in-room tablets throughout the entire property! The first interaction came at 8:27pm when one of our valued guests ordered In Room Dining. A HUGE Thank You to Stephen Blackford & The James Chicago Team for making this an amazing success! Special Shout Outs to Jacob Schwimmer, Ashley Carnaghi, Ramsey Grey, Milos Dragicevic, Norma Berry, Carl Cohen and CT Woo  who worked from inception to ensure it was flawless!

Onward to The James West Hollywood- Sunset!


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