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Innovative Bell/Door Team at Affinia Gardens

Innovative Bell/Door Team at Affinia Gardens

Our Bell/Door Persons are the Best!

Not only are they a huge part of our front office operation, but we just wouldn’t be complete without our gents in fedoras!

Our location sometimes makes it difficult for guests to access cabs. However, our Bell/Door team will often hail a cab from two or three block away and jump in for a ride back to our hotel.

Here is a picture of Sal Khalil on his 11 year anniversary with Denihan. This family was so impressed by what they had just seen, they couldn’t help but pose for the camera.

If that doesn’t say innovation, I don’t know what does!

Go team Affinia Gardens 🙂

SOBE Oceanfront Bikes!

The James Royal Palm First Happy Rental!

The James Royal Palm First Happy Rental!

Yesterday we introduced The James Royal Palm Bikes! Within minutes of having them available the couple below decided to be the first ever guests to use this innovative amenity at The James Royal Palm. Like our umbrellas, “The James Royal Palm Orange” looks beautiful against the ocean skyline…
Our guests absolutely loved them!

An Innovative Monday at Affinia Gardens

An Innovative Monday at Affinia Gardens

We all sometimes start off our Monday morning the same way; tired from our weekend adventures and dragging our feet into work. Also known as a ‘case of the Mondays’.

However, this Monday morning was a little sweeter. Deanna Merlo, Office Manager, arrived to work and discovered a tray of cookies on her desk.
After grabbing one (couldn’t resist!), she asked around about where they came from.
She was delighted to hear that Affinia Gardens intern Amy Lacorte was baking up a storm this weekend. Amy had made a special batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch for the entire Affinia Gardens Team.

It was so thoughtful of her to think of us over the weekend. We caught a glimpse of Amy giving them out during lunch and everyone couldn’t wait for the picture to be over before grabbing them!!

Thanks to Amy, our week started off strong, no one is SWEETER than you 🙂

50th Anniversary Celebration Innovation

Thanks to Team Sand-tastic today’s 50th Anniversary Town Hall at The James Royal Palm featured an oversized & customized sculpture of our Denihan and 50th Anniversary logos. In addition, our Pastry Chef Christie Galnares has created a little something to also recognize this special day! HAPPY 50TH Denihan from sunny Miami !

Happy 50th !

Happy 50th !

Sundae Fun-Day at the Affinia Dumont

It has been a slow coming for this year’s summer season, so we thought the best way to help our associates celebrate summer is to have a SUNDAE FUN-DAY.  Our Rafferty room was transformed into a playground with a Ping-Pong table, bingo, Nintendo Wii and we even had an X-box dance competition.  Our associates enjoyed a nice cool off with make-your-own sundaes with plenty of yummy toppings.  And of course there were prizes!  Below are some pictures from our Sundae Fun-Day including a Ping-Pong play off with the Engineering and Housekeeping Teams-Engineers won by one point! 





Affinia Manhattan Relaunch Pep Rally

After an extensive renovation to include sleeping rooms, meeting space and lobby area, the Affinia Manhattan is ready for its unveiling! To assist the Team in preparing for such an exciting time in the hotel’s history, we implemented an extensive training schedule over the past 2 weeks to include: Customer Service Training, Train the Trainer Learning Sessions, SOP Training, Team Building Initiatives and Competitive Analysis Visits. As a final “Thank You” to everyone for all their hard work and efforts, we ended the week with two Pep Rally Breakfasts – one at 3AM for our amazing overnight crew and another at 8AM for the remaining team members. The energy level from both groups was contagious (even at 3AM!) as we distributed fun t-shirts in different colors with different sayings on the back promoting our team’s amazing work which included: “I Put The ZING in AMAZING”, “Bottom Line – I ROCK”, and “Hello, My Name Is AWESOME”. Best wishes to the entire Affinia Manhattan Team moving forward!!! Great job!!!

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Innovation with a cause!



The James Royal Palm team found an innovative way to create awareness and raise over $500.00 for The James Royal Palm Team Member Assistance Fund today! Thanks to the team members donated $5.00 to receive a sticker and the ability to wear Miami Heat Gear on this special game 7 day!! GO HEAT!

Visiting the West Coast Office

west coast 2West coast
For those of you that attended our recent Town Hall Meetings, you may have heard David Duncan refer to our “asset” on the West Coast – Julie Purnell! Julie is our SVP of Acquisitions based in San Francisco. This week, Patrick Denihan, Brooke Barrett and John Barrett took some time to visit with Julie at our West Coast office and look at growth opportunities. The team has been spending time both in San Francisco and Seattle. Can you identify the famous place where the group met this interesting guy? (Hopefully nobody mentioned the new “Bacon Bar” at the James Chicago during the photo op!!!)

Innovative Wedding at The Surrey

Innovative Wedding at The Surrey

As you may know, The Surrey is currently undergoing ‘historical preservation’ on its facade. This can result in loud noises and an overall inconvenience to our guests. However, The Surrey overcame this obstacle and delivered a truly incredible wedding for two very special guests. Below is their enthusiastic and heartwarming feedback…

“I can’t express in words how grateful and overjoyed I am at how everything went last night. I don’t think it could have more perfect. It was more beautiful than I believed possible and everything went so smoothly and effortless.”

“When we checked out last night we took one last moment on the balcony and both started crying. We didn’t want to leave. It was a very special weekend.”

Go team Surrey!!!!

Fathers Day – Affinia Gardens

Fathers Day - Affinia Gardens

On Friday we took a minute to gather in our break room with the gentlemen of Affinia Gardens.
Not all of them are Fathers, but we always celebrate as if they are!

They were each presented with a Subway Restaurant gift card so they could treat themselves to a breakfast or lunch.

The end result, all smiles!!

Innovation in Recognition at Affinia Gardens

Innovation in Recognition at Affinia Gardens

We’ve all heard of management appreciating and rewarding associates, however this story is quite unique!

Earlier this week, Krys Krol , an outstanding Bell/Door Person, took it upon himself to order the front office management team a couple of pizza pies for lunch.

Krys wanted to recognize what management does on a day-to-day basis to support the operation. Our whole office was incredibly surprised and very excited to have some yummy pizza for lunch!

Tying in with our monthly value of Innovation, Krys thought outside of the box while recognizing the management team.

As you can see in this picture, his wonderful gesture put a huge smile on our faces. Thanks Krys for your recognition and originality!!

“Pool Party” at James New York

Although the weather did not cooperate, it certainly did not dampen the team spirit at the James New York at their Annual Pool Party this week! Dancing shoes replaced bathing suits as the group enjoyed great music, delicious food and raffle prizes on the Roof. Teamwork was evident as the smiles and laughter of the James New York associates brightened up an otherwise gloomy day here in New York. Great Job Team!072066

Why Calligraphy?

After several town hall meetings last week, many people have asked about the new calligraphy that is being used to represent our values and The Art of Hospitality. We purposely selected calligraphy because much like hospitality, it’s more than a smile or a simple brush on paper. Calligraphy is a developed and refined skill that takes many years to learn and perfect. When calligraphy is done right there is a meticulous attention to detail and the same applies to hospitality.

What personifies The Art of Hospitality to you?

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