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Brand new, super fresh, locally inspired, globally infused…The James Kitchen & Bar is bringing a new food and drinks offering to hotel guests and locals alike. Chef Tyler Houston offers a seasonal menu that ranges from great vegetable dishes, interesting sandwiches, flatbreads, already cult favorite calamari to our always famous burger.

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Drake Beil Upsell Champion

The Shelburne team was excited to celebrate Purnima, Tiwari accomplishments for Drake Beil.

 For the Month of July she was the leader in  paid upgrades which resulted in the Shelburne Hotel surpassing there goals by $1000.00 and year over year increase of 100%

Purnima a.k.a is now known as Money-Maker-Purnima

 The corporate team also came by and celebrated Purnima with the operation team.


Thank You to Eleni and Chris Horn

Wave Walk Art Installation at The James SoHo

The James Soho is very excited to be hosting wave statues over the next month, as part of the Wave Walk Trail, to help bring awareness to ocean conservation. There are 50 statues placed all around NYC designed by high-profile artists and taste makers. The ones at The James are designed by Keith Richards, Dustin Yellin and Clifford Ross.  All statues are on auction over the next month and 100% of proceeds go towards ocean protection efforts. If you interested in taking a look at any others, here is the digital map:

Keith Richards, “Human Tide,” located in the hotel entrance

Dustin Yellin, “Sink or Float,” located in the upper Urban Garden

Clifford Ross, “Wave Sculpture I,” located in the Bird’s Nest


Art unveiled at The James Chicago

As part of James Public Art program, The James Chicago unveiled a new public art installation in partnership with curator Anna Cerniglia of Johalla Projects.  This is the second addition to the program following the debut of Paul Wacker’s street side mural on 6th avenue at The James New York.

 Installation Pace  Space1 Installation Pace  Space2 (2) Installation Pace  Space3 (2)

As a thriving art city, Chicago features a burgeoning and dynamic public art scene.  Johalla Projects saw the partnership with The James as an opportunity to push the status quo, presenting a progressive and conceptual  public art installation that would bring the environment to the next level by offering a more inspiring and in-depth experience to those passing by.

 Johalla Projects tapped artist Alexander Valentine to create two large collages inspired by the warmly modern interior spaces of the hotel hung in oversized frames on the east side of the building on Rush Street. The two large collages uniquely combine the interior sensibility of The James with the bright color, texture and architecture detailing of Valentine’s present work.  Additionally, a limited edition 11×16 print of the collage will be available for purchase at the concierge desk at The James Chicago.

 Over time, and part of its ongoing Public Art series, The James will rotate the art in the frames later in the year with a different installation from a local artist.


Primehouse wins at Baconfest Chicago

For the seventh year, Primehouse participated in Baconfest Chicago this past weekend with over 4,500 guests in attendance.  Every year a portion of the proceeds from the event are donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and this year Baconfest donated over $75,000! Bacon fest Winners

Chefs Jove Hubbard and Amanda Warren, assisted by Michael York and Jamie Moss (from the left), cooked up the warmly-received and critical darling bacon tarte flambe for the event which featured applewood bacon, black pepper hollandaise, crispy leeks and ramp soubise.  Primehouse also walked away a winner, being honored with “The Bob Nueske Commitment to Bacon Award” for seven years of creative bacon dishes at Baconfest.  View photos attached and press clips from Baconfest below.  Congrats to teams!


JIMMY Chicago featured in the Chicago Tribune!

JIMMY at The James Chicago and JIMMY Chicago were featured in the November 23, 2014 Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune.  Johnny was interviewed for a story about cranberries cocktails and his cocktail, the Plymouth Rock is featured.  The article features the recipe for the Plymouth Rock and Johnny’s thoughts on how cranberries can add a holiday touch to seasonal cocktails.  See scan below and attached. Happy Holidays from our team to you!

Cranberries - The featured recipe

Chicago Tribune_JIMMY Chicago_11 23 14

Denihan Holiday Party and 50th Anniversary Celebration: Behind the Scenes





Here’s a little peek into what went on behind the scenes to create the winter wonderland that was the 2013 Denihan Holiday Party and 50th Anniversary Celebration!

photo 2

Building the ice sculpture that was custom created for us by Okamoto Studio – the same ice artist who created the ice sculpture garden that was on display in the Urban Garden at The James New York last winter.

Such an incredible piece, right?  The 50th celebration moniker was surrounded by the city skyline for some added drama!

photo 5

Assembling the mountain of parting gifts! Denihan 50th celebration chocolate medallions sitting below the signed Denihan poster from the town hall meetings.

photo 4


Oneca trying to wrangle the balloons for the 50th step and repeat! The homemade 50th step and repeat featured a collection of images of team members from the past and through the present.

Thanks to everyone for such a fun, beautiful and delicious party! Stay on the lookout for more party pics…coming soon!

Welcome to BBB and JIMMY Chicago!

The James Chicago has welcomed two new outlets  in Burke’s Bacon Bar and JIMMY.

A true bacon-centered eatery, Burke’s Bacon Bar features a creative menu of mini-sandwiches, salads, sides and desserts, served to-go- with a focus on fresh, unexpected ingredients and the innovative use of bacon in each dish.  Bacon is used as a key component on the menu featuring a full-fledged slice on each dish..  The subtle applications of bacon include being creatively used as a jam, bread crumb, or mousse.  We’re using the term “handwich” to describe our sandwiches–a delicious bite that fits in the palm of your hand.  The buffet of bacon features bite-sized signature handwiches that can be mixed and matched for $4 each or three for $11. Bacon peanut brittle, bacon chocolate chip cookies and soft serve ice cream with various toppings (including bacon of course!) rounds out your meal…

JIMMY is the renowned cocktail bar and lounge discreetly hidden behind the new Burke’s Bacon Bar, and offers a unique drinking experience and ambiance for guests. The art of the cocktail is the centerpiece of JIMMY and the menu is inspired by iconic cinema, which presented cocktail culture in a sleek and accessible manner.  JIMMY  is featuring classic drinks infused with seasonal and unexpected ingredients with a hint of humor.  Judging from the response, it will easily be one of the hottest spots in Chicago this year…

Thanks to everyone involved in the opening of these two great new outlets!

The buzz has been overwhelming!


Burke's Bacon Bar's tasty handwiches

Burke’s Bacon Bar’s tasty handwiches

Jimmy Chicago

Jimmy Chicago

JIMMY (Pick-up of NY Post article): (Interview with Johnny about the cocktail menu):,0,1187299.story (Overview of the space/concept): of the concept with cocktail menu information): (Overview of the space/concept): (Overview of the space/concept):

Lovelace Event Press: (Andy Bellin, Larry, Johnny and David sighting):


Burke’s Bacon Bar (Information about the space/concept): (Information about the opening date): (Recap from last night’s #BetOnBacon Dinner): (Information about the opening date): (Information about the space/concept): (Online article of Chicago Sun-Times Splash story): (Online article of Chicago Sun-Times feature story): (Photos and write-up of the menu): (Information about the opening date): (Information about the space/concept):

Affinia Dumont’s First Annual Lasagna Bake-Off

Affinia Dumont’s First Annual Lasagna Bake-Off

It started out as a simple conversation between our Director of Rooms, Liz St. James, and our GSA, Jean Paul Barbier, as Liz was eating lasagna for lunch. Jean Paul mentioned that he makes very good lasagna not knowing that the lasagna Liz was having for lunch was home-made (by her). It quickly escalated to a friendly competition: whose lasagna was better. Liz challenged JP to a lasagna bake-off where the Affinia Dumont associates would taste test and vote whose lasagna they liked better. And today that exactly happened. JP and Liz spent hours preparing lasagna last night so they can have it ready for today. They both bravely brought their creations to work today and in the afternoon it was on!! Associates were invited to a taste test after which they officially voted, and their votes were tallied up. As you can see there were some tense moments as we had a tie for a minute, but ultimately Liz received the final deciding vote. Liz’s lasagna was praised for being highly presentable in a glass dish and for having a good traditional flavor. But JP’s lasagna was not far behind with a hearty rich meaty flavor and plenty of cheesy goodness. As it turns out a small friendly challenge turned into a huge success for our entire team! We look forward to many more bake and cook-offs, starting with appetizers all the way to dessert! Can’t wait!

Exemplifying Innovation – EarthCam streams Affinia Dumont’s Skyline Views

(Posted on behalf of Alex Spektor, General Manager at the Affinia Dumont)

Ever since my first day at the Affinia Dumont, I’ve always heard about impressive views that most of our rooms offer of the midtown skyline and East river.  The Dumont is 37 stories high and is the tallest hotel in our portfolio.  After many conversations with our guests and associates, we have developed a new line of suites which highlight one of the biggest differentiators our hotel offers – the views.  We named these  – The Skyline Suites.  We converted 36 upper floor suites into Skyline suites which also offer guest telescopes to fully enjoy their panoramic experience.  The term “Skyline Suites” was quickly picked up by our guests and it is now one of the most mentioned items on our Tripadvisor reviews, of course, after “friendly staff” which is always the most mentioned.



This month we’ve reached yet another milestone related to our views.  We installed a webcam on our rooftop which streams live views of the Chrysler building and midtown skyline live, 24-hourrs a day.  This webcam was installed by Earthcam, worlds leading provider of live cameras and we are actually featured on their website for NYC Midtown Skyline view.  To view this live cam please click on the link:


The next phase of this project is to integrate this webcam experience into our site, so that our guests can enjoy watching views from their favorite hotel at any time from home and make their future plans to return to NYC.  The EarthCam will be utilized over July 4th to stream video across town of the Macy’s fireworks.  As Freedom Tower gets completed our camera will turn towards downtown to highlight this important project for the City.   Stay tuned for more news related to the webcam and be sure to check it out yourself.


Thank you for stopping by to enjoy our views!

Innovation: “Think Inside the Box”

Forget brainstorming: People are at their most innovative when they work within the constraints of what they already know.

 Inside the box

The other day I read an article in the Wall Street Journal and that was the headline. My first thought was we have wasted a lot of time trying to get outside that darn box, only to be told now to climb back in. As I continued to read, I started to understand what the authors were talking about.

Sometimes we try to think so far outside the box that we overlook the best innovations that might be right in front of us. By closing our boundaries and staying within what we know, the authors say, we can find more innovative solutions. We also can make sure we are accomplishing the immediate tasks at hand.

Think about our friendliness, one of the most common and consistent compliments we receive from our guests. People feel welcomed when they step out of that taxi and walk through our doors. The problems begin if we don’t follow through, and their great experience can be altered the minute they step inside their rooms if something is wrong.

Every traveler from the affluent businessman to the elderly couple celebrating their 50th anniversary has one thing in common: They want to stay at a well-run hotel, and regardless of the bells and whistles that come along with it, they want to feel they are in a special place where they will be taken care of. You’ve probably stayed at a small hotel off the beaten path; one that amazed you with its level of service, from a staff that went above and beyond to exceed all your expectations. Can every guest who has stayed with us say that about our properties? I hope so. From here on out, let us make that a resounding ‘Yes.’

We offer our guests an impressive pillow menu, among so many other great amenities to complement their stay with us. If they arrive, are checked in and excitedly enter their rooms ready to climb into our comfortable beds to relax … and there is no pillow waiting for them, or the other amenities they ordered are missing, we’ve lost them. All our marketing and thinking “outside the box” to come up with those great perks is now good for nothing. Even if we recover and get them what they wanted, it is too late. They are now thinking, “I wonder what else will go wrong.”

We can prevent these incidents from happening by thinking “inside the box,” and making sure we do everything possible to make our guests’ experience the best they have ever encountered. We can by hyper vigilant and make sure all our guests receive everything they expect, from the moment they arrive. This could mean double-checking that everything has been set up in the room before a shift change. We should also be taking notes during the morning meetings about VIPs or guests celebrating something special so we do not miss anything.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel; we just need to deliver the best experience we possibly can. If we are so far outside the box that we forget what we are supposed to be doing inside it, we are missing the forest for the trees.

I know many of you go above and beyond for our guests every day, and I’ve read countless examples on this site. Most recently, I read about the chocolate cake Mrs. Armstrong gave to the staff at The Franklin as a thank you for her wonderful honeymoon stay. Before that was the “bestest 7th birthday ever” we helped provide at The Benjamin.

Yes, I am still looking for good ideas on ways to improve our processes, through outside-the-box (or boat) thinking, but I do not want us to lose sight of what needs done inside the box. The Wall Street Journal went on to describe ways innovation can come by thinking inside the box, so please read the rest of it and think about which approach works best.


Good ideas should be coming from all areas of the company, and whether the thinking is inside or outside the box does not matter. What matters are we always thinking about doing the best job we can, and we are always open to improving our processes and products.

Innovative Technology Rolled Out @ Affinia Shelburne

(Posted on behalf of Jeff Egol, Director of Rooms, Affinia Shelburne)

The role of the Housekeeping Managers and Coordinators just became a bit more modern here at the Affinia Shelburne after recently implementing a couple of INNOVATIVE best practices that we heard a few of our sister hotels were utilizing.

After much hype and a long waited arrival we recently implemented the use of iPad and iTouch devices that interface with Epitome and HotSOS so that our managers can enter room statuses and work orders right from the floors. This saves them from having to make trips up and down or making multiple phone calls to the office to relay this info.


In addition to the reduced call volume to our Housekeeping Coordinators, we have also attempted to make that position a bit more comfortable by installing a hands-free headset for them to use which allows them to answer calls effortlessly while being able to continue with the multitasking that they are famous for here at the Shelburne!


A Eureka Moment leads to Innovation

Contemplated by Jeanette Diaz, James Assistant, Chicago
The simplest thing can give you a big inspiration, even something as simple as water. A classic apocryphal example would be Archimedes, who had been given the problem of determining if a crown for a temple statue had actually been made entirely from solid gold or with some silver added by fraudulent goldsmiths. He couldn’t melt or compress the crown in anyway, so he was stymied as to how he could compare its density to a brick of gold. According to legend, he was still pondering the issue when he got into his bathtub, and when he climbed in and the water rose as it was displaced by his body mass, and he realized that he could use incompressible water and buoyancy to compare the density of the crown and a gold brick. He was so excited by this revelation he ran out into the streets of Syracuse without dressing first, shouting “Eureka! Eureka! (I’ve got it!)

While no one here has been inspired by our two unique water amenities that they have run into Michigan Avenue quiet that excited, they are so simple, that guests are surprised that anyone had thought of them in the first place. Even more surprising than the enthusiasm for the signature James Water bottle, triple distilled by James employees at all of our locations, is how much our guests love the fresh fruit in the water dispenser in the lobby here at The James Chicago. Our kitchen makes many fun combinations like grapefruit, strawberry-kiwi, and classic lemon-lime, and our guests gush about how much fun the surprise is every day.  It’s a perfect illustration of a simple innovation that gives our guest a perfect stay. Simply innovative, creative and guest centric!

Triple Filtered James Water/  Water Dispenser in our Lobby

Triple Filtered James Water

Water in Lobby

LE Miami at The James Royal Palm

The James Royal Palm hosted the first-ever LE Miami Awards on June 13.

The James Royal Palm hosted the first-ever LE Miami Awards on June 13.

Last week, The James Royal Palm was one of the official hosts of the first ever Limited Edition Miami Conference (LE), a luxury travel trade show. LE included a line-up of top-level industry luminaries sharing their insights and innovation, “Traditional luxury belongs to the past. As travel rebels, we are the catalyst for the new generation of contemporary travel. We call it definition by style.” The Conference was four days of networking and meeting with the top Luxury Travel buyers. We met with top consortia & corporate decision makers from all over the world, making lasting relationships.

A trio of incredible parties throughout the week, in some amazing locations on South Beach, truly reflected the city’s spirit of regeneration and fun and we were excited to be a part of the celebration. And, we were honored to host the BEST of these incredible parties, the debut LE Miami awards show. The James Royal Palm was nominated in the Best Partnerships category for our Cultural Collection of local partners. More than 400 top buyers attended the evening event with cocktails and creations from our F&B team. Thanks to all that made it happen! Until next year!

Meet Sheldon- The Shelburne’s Terrier (or perhaps Terry-er would be more appropriate!)

If you happen to be staying at the Shelburne to celebrate a special occasion you might be in for a surprise guest when you return to your room!


When our Room Attendant Miguelina Jimenez learned that the guests in one of her suites today was celebrating their Diamond Anniversary (60 years!)  she came running downstairs to see what we could do for them and asked if we could give them champagne on the house.  However, in addition to returning to find a complimentary champagne setup in the room,  her guests will also get to meet “Sheldon” (as we have fondly begun calling him) who has been making special appearances around the Shelburne thanks to our creative Director of Housekeeping, Yvrose Lodescar, who has a flair for creating memorable and innovative guest experiences!

Innovación Café at The James Royal Palm ( Innovative coffee for English speakers :)

Sheriann, Becca &Tim put their Java skills to the test!

Sheriann, Becca & Tim put their Java skills to the test!

our signature cappuccino pairs perfectly with the house made coconut strawberry cupcakes... delish!

our signature cappuccino pairs perfectly with the house made coconut strawberry cupcakes… delish!

Espresso time!

Espresso time!

Coffee Bar baristas go through Intelligentsia training to perfect their art of coffee making. We have partnered with an innovative brand that believes in quality and humanity by having Direct trade in multiple countries. Intelligentsia has featured counties like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica , Ethiopia and Rwanda for signature blends used by their retailers. Intelligentsia commits to not only purchasing these farmers products yet also visiting pre-harvest, during harvest and post-harvest to ensure quality and celebrate the successes!

Innovation at its best!

Innovation at its best!

Innovation: We need your good ideas!

There are many types of innovation but most can be boiled down into process innovation or product innovation….



I recently saw a picture that brought back some of my fondest childhood memories. My dad had an old canoe, and I loved when we would take it out to the nearby lake and fish or just paddle about.

That canoe also reminds me of another favorite memory, and this story: When I was about 9 years old, I wanted to make some extra money. I was raking leaves for some of our neighbors, but the hardest and slowest part of the process was getting the piles of leaves into little bags and then carrying them to the dump.

I thought there had to be a better way. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the canoe and it inspired an idea. I filled it with the leaves and towed it behind my dad’s riding lawn mower down to the dump. My friends all laughed at me, but I made almost a $100 using that contraption. More than 40 years ago, that was a lot of money to a 9-year-old kid!

That is process innovation — which is defined as the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method. (Think want ads being converted to Craig’s List)

Product innovation is defined as the development of new products, or the improvement of existing ones (think I-pad)

Here at Denihan, we need both.

The definitions typically refer to manufacturing goods, or nowadays, designing computer systems, but hospitality is no different. That’s what we produce.  We are creating the Art of Hospitality, through our physical products, like the amazingly designed and constructed hotels and restaurants we have, to the processes inside those that are created to exceed the expectations of every guest, every day.

Our products may be the buildings, beds, food and service we provide, but our people designing and then executing those processes are what make The Art of Hospitality come to life.

To make us more efficient and innovative, we’re always looking for ideas on how we can improve our processes. Our brand and design & construction teams are actively developing new products that will impact our guest experience, but we want your ideas for process innovation. The best ideas will come from all areas of our company – both from the corporate office and most definitely from all of our hotels.

Please let us know your ideas. Think outside the boat!

A50 Tackles Stress

With the Affinia 50 renovation in full swing the A50 management team has been doing their best to deal with construction noise and to ensure our guests are having an enjoyable stay in the midst of our transformation. With walls springing up to conceal construction work and offices being moved this can cause a disruption on our daily routine and therefore can cause some sort of stress.

So we decided to tackle the beast known as STRESS.

On Thursday, June 13th we sat down and discussed what triggers stress and what we as a team can do to minimize work related stress. At the end of the session we left knowing that each of us deals with stress differently and with the art of communication we can chop away the amount of stress that we create for ourselves.

Affinia 50 Stress Training SessionAffinia 50 Management Team
Affinia 50 Stress Training

Flash Back to 1987

Written by Scott Nowakowski

old school

It’s Tuesday, October 20, 1987, 8:37 pm and a passenger gets in a cab at JFK airport and asks the driver to take him to the Dumont Hotel on 34th street, the cabby and driver have some short talk about how the hotel was a new hotel with the newest amenities like in room movies and two line phones. During the ride they discuss stock market crash, that could never happen, that had rippled through the financial market just one day earlier, makes the ride quick one. As the cab pulls up in front of the hotel the passenger reaches into his pocket and pays the driver with cash.

As the guest walks through the entrance to the hotel, the guest is greeted by the friendly staff standing behind a green computer screen not a big bulky NCR machine like most hotels, one of the first computer screens in NYC hotels.


The guest is asked for their name and asked to confirm their address and phone number on the printed registration card and no discussion of email as there is no one but government employees and students that have them and can only email within their organization. The desk agent asks the customer where they heard about the hotel and custom exclaims a postcard I received in the mail when I signed up for a convention. There is no discussion of websites, OTA, or even electronic bookings. As the desk clerk brings up the guests reservation, they acknowledge that they booked via Telex.

As the agent checks the guest in to the Property Management System, one of the first only developed a few years before, the agent swipes the guest’s credit card through small blue box which dialed on a phone line to get authorization. Prior to handing the guest their credit card back, the desk agent puts the card in a funny looking machine to imprint the credit card on the registration card.

Key card 2

Upon check-in the desk agent hands the guest a plastic card with little holes in it and explains to the guest this hotel has electronic locks instead of a hard key, like most other hotels of the time and you simply slide the key in and out of the slot and the door will unlock. The guest proceeds to his room and he walks past a payphone in the lobby, where a guest is leaning against the wall talking to his home. The guest travels via the elevator which has little picture frames of information posted about the weather forecast, special promotions and the like. As the guest arrives at their room and enters the guest quickly looks at the pre-printed movie schedule as movies are scheduled and not on demand. As the guest calls his co-worker to get an update on the day’s events as he was traveling and any meeting changes for the following day, his second line rings and he answers it as it his wife who has not heard from him all day and just wanted to make sure he made it safely.

Key Card

As the guest retires for the night, the desk agent is feverishly completing their end of day processing so they can submit all their paperwork. The garbage truck to pick up the days trash and laundry truck picking up the soiled linen and any intercompany mail and dropping off mail and the clean linen from the “Laundry” which is co-located with the Corporate Office on 75th Street will be here soon. It is imperative to finish on time or the laundry truck will have to wait as without the paperwork corporate office can’t tabulate the day’s numbers on a paper ledger the following morning for the owners. One last thing to do before completing their nightly duties is to check the fax machine for any incoming reservations from travel agents or the RSC so the desk clerk can fax their weekly availability to corporate office, so someone can fax all the hotels availability to all the hotels in the morning, so all the reservations offices and RSC will know who has availability and what rates they are offering.

Flash forward… now that’s Innovation.

Denihan Digital Marketing

By Lisa Zandee

The marketing team is pleased to announce that our new company-wide digital agency, Acronym, will be driving the integrated display advertising campaigns, managing our search engine optimization and advertising as well as supporting our excellent internal digital marketing team with ongoing testing and analyzing of data. With so much going on in the Denihan digital space, here are some guiding principles we use to help guide our actions.

Success to Your Integrated Digital Plan – Understand Intent. BE RELEVANT.
We all want to know how we can capture more direct bookings from the transient market using our digital assets. There are multiple phases to the buying cycle and it has become increasingly important to be visible in all stages of a consumers search (research, discovery, comparison shopping, availability check, booking).

User expectation is growing. Being able to find a “personalized” package or offer is the key to driving incremental business. We are able to do this with our dynamic packaging capabilities that are on many of our booking engines.

How will we get this done?
With a razor sharp focus on understanding the traveler’s intent, we can deliver the most relevant message. This will allow us to beat the competition! We are working towards taking Denihan’s digital presence to the next level.

Think about it. What’s the point of being found, if what we have to say is not relevant to the people listening?

We need to deliver an effective message: Are we making our messages clear and interesting? Are they being conveyed at the right time, in the right place, and in line with our customer’s expectations? In other words, are we being relevant?

Compelling, simple messages that speak to the audience we are trying to reach are relevant. Consider what your target wants and when they want it. For example, when we are building a family package, we must consider vacation periods, special values and activities.

Timing is an important factor to be relevant. Provide enough time for our customers to take advantage of a special promotion or opportunity with advance information.

In order to be relevant, we must have a good knowledge of our customer’s behavior and understand their intent of their search.

For more information on Denihan’s digital strategy, please reach out to any of the marketing team members.

Now THAT is Accurate!!!

B Brown

Please join me in congratulating Barbara Brown for her incredible forecast accuracy for the month of May for The Benjamin!  Actual Room Revenues came in at $408 higher than her forecast or a 99.9815% accuracy percentage.  Well done!!!

Tech Savvy @ The James Chicago

With our business-minded and tech savvy guests in mind, we have refreshed our business networking lounges, located in the hotel lobby and on the 2nd floor.

With now a total of five work stations with computers, Guests can choose between innovate Mac or Windows 7 operating systems and state-of-the-art printing options.

Satellite business lounge @ The James Chicago

Satellite business lounge @ The James

Teaming at The James Royal Palm

By Patrick Hatton

We had an Italian Incentive Group booked by See America Travel, a large International Incentive agent, arriving on Wednesday at 11am. The first wave of the group was 80 people via bus. The group had just spent 7 days in Turks & Caicos prior to their 2 day visit to Miami Beach. We had learned from the Travel Agent that they had some “opportunities” with their stay in T&C and wanted to make sure that we helped recover. The Housekeeping and Front office teams did a remarkable job preparing rooms, taking the “opportunities” we knew of into account and we were ready with all rooms Vacant Inspected at 11am. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not play along and the Sunny Miami was not so sunny prior to their arrival, so Matt Meehan (Manager of the Quarter for Q1 BTW), made the “all hands” call to assist in getting the group from bus to hotel (for those who don’t know the JRP, it’s a 70 yard walk from Collins Avenue to the entrance and buses don’t fit on our drive). Lead by our Sales team, managers from all departments answered the call and, armed with our signature Brown James Umbrella’s, welcomed the buses and brought our guests through the rain to the hotel. A warm (and dry) welcome indeed! All guests were in their rooms with their luggage by 11:20 and the Sun broke in the afternoon as ordered. Great teamwork and innovative (next month’s value) solution to a circumstance beyond our control.