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Lots To Be Thankful For @ Affinia 50

This year the Affinia 50 has a tremendous amount to be thankful for, and what better way to say that than with a team pot luck Thanksgiving luncheon!

In addition to our phenomenal team doing what they do best- always providing the most amazing guest experiences- we are also thankful to finally be in the home stretch of our full redesign! In fact, we just got the first glimpse of our brand new lobby which was finally unveiled today! (stop by for a quick peek!)



A50 Experiences Sneak Peek of the NEW Club Room

Club Room Premiere Party

This week we premiered the NEW Club Room to the A50 Associates before we even let our guests take a look, celebrating our achievements and hard work with a champagne toast and cake! GM Brian Gehlich took us on a stroll down Memory Lane reviewing photos of the “Old A50” and then WOWing the team with photos of the fully redesigned “NEW A50”. It was amazing to see the transformation of our Guest Rooms, the Lobby and the Club Room and to see how far we have come in the last 9 months!

To date The A50 team has brought back over 200 brand new guest rooms with just a few more to come, we have completed phase one of our Lobby renovation with the second phase set to open next month, and our new Club Room will be officially opening to our guests this evening during Wine Hour.

Another Affinia 50 Rockstar!

If you know anyone traveling to NYC for a special birthday, send them to Gloria at the A50 and you can be sure they will receive the royal treatment!

Recently, a 14 year old Natalia checked in at the A50 to celebrate her birthday. Thanks to Gloria’s thoughtfulness and passion for pleasing, Natalia checked out as one super happy 15 year old!

Check out the note she left for Gloria and a photo that she snapped on her way out!



A Sweet Start to International Housekeeping Week at Affinia Dumont!

A Sweet Start to International Housekeeping Week at Affinia Dumont!

It’s International Housekeeping Week – a time when we give special recognition to all those hard-working team members in our housekeeping department who keep Affinia Dumont sparkling, safe and clean every day for all of us and our guests alike. Monday marked the first day of a week-long celebration; and what a better way to start than with a sweet, frozen treat. Or treats as was the case today. We enjoyed making sundaes, complete with cherries on top and even sprinkles 🙂 While everyone had a great time, it was nice to spend a few moments just recognizing the important and spectacular work our housekeeping associates do on a daily basis. Day 1 – total success!

A sweet start to a week-long HotSOS Training

A sweet start to a week-long HotSOS Training

Monday, 8/26, was the first day of an intense five-day HotSOS training program for many department heads across the Denihan portfolio at the Corporate office. While learning about data configuration, database set up, reports modules, and responder devices sounds interesting (and it is); it somehow seemed like the first day of school for many of us-having to absorb a lot of information and quickly! But during our lunch break, Rene Roman, Director of Rooms at the Surrey Hotel really lightened the mood in the Learning Center by surprising Jordan Howell, Assistant Director of Front Office Operation at the Surrey Hotel as well, with a fresh cheesecake for HIS BIRTHDAY! Yes, it was Jordan’s birthday and he was attending HotSOS training. One would say that’s dedication-but what’s even more, the next day, Jordan was in class bright and early – way before 9am! Now that’s true dedication! And thanks to Rene for the cheesecake – as you can see we all enjoyed a slice-and continued on with our studies!
And once again – Wishing Jordan a Very Happy Birthday!

2,000 *additional* Reasons to Smile…

2,000 *additional* Reasons to Smile…

…thanks to Joyce Mangal’s incredible gift of $2,000!!! Yes, Joyce Mangal has done it again at the Affinia Dumont… but Joyce’s story starts at Affinia Shelburne when she selflessly made a donation of $1,000 to Operation Smile. Ever since Affinia Hotels partnered with Operation Smile, the charity became close to Joyce’s heart as she deeply loves and cares for children.

When Joyce transitioned to a full-time position at the Affinia Dumont, she was extremely happy to “feel right at home” and felt moved by our team’s ongoing support for the charity. Being unable to go on vacation this year, she thought she can make use of the money she would have spent by making a donation to support Operation Smile. When Joyce approached me and told me that she wanted to make a $2,000 donation to Operation Smile, I had to step back, and repeatedly ask her if she was sure. After she convinced me that she is, I graciously accepted her money and posted it to our Operation Smile account.

Having heard about Joyce’s generosity at Affinia Shelburne, and now at Affinia Dumont, she was invited to a formal photo shoot at our Corporate office with Patrick Denihan, Brooke Barrett, Chrissy Denihan, our GM-Alex Spektor and our former HR Director, Jackie Violette. The photos were then featured with an article in Lodging Magazine.

Please join me in recognizing Joyce Mangal for her supreme generosity and giving spirit. Operation Smile truly benefits from this selfless room attendant who, having none of her own children, enjoys babysitting her nieces, nephews and her friends’ children at any time; taking them shopping, out for ice cream and spending quality time making friendship bracelets. Her dream, when she retires, is to travel the world helping children in need and who are stricken by poverty. Joyce – you are well on your way…

A50 Associate Dinner Cruise

Last night the Affinia 50 associates enjoyed dinner, dancing, drinks and spectacular views of the Manhattan and New Jersey skyline onboard the Spirit of New York.

We were driven in style to Pier 61 in Chelsea Piers on a Yellow School Bus. Upon boarding drinks were immediate followed by a fabulous meal with a sweet delicious dessert. We then partied the night away to great music…we even line danced to the Cupid Shuffle and The Wobble.

What a fantastic night out!

Affinia 50 A50 2A50 3

Affinia Dumont Managers get taught a lesson…

Affinia Dumont Managers get taught a lesson…

…in making Tiramisu!!!

On Friday, we held our weekly Managers’ meeting and in line with this month’s Denihan Value of Learning, our Night Auditor, Joane Masetti, decided to teach everyone how to make one of her favorite desserts: Tiramisu. While all of us thought that making Tiramisu was a long-involved process, Joane’s teaching approach was hands on: she assigned a task to each Manager so they would get the full benefit of the lesson. And it worked! We all walked away knowing that we can make Tiramisu in less than half an hour with the hardest part being: letting the dessert chill in the fridge for about three hours. After the looooong wait, we all got to try ‘home-made’ Tiramisu and it was creamy, bursting with flavor and simply delicious! A special thanks goes to Joane for making this week’s meeting a lesson no one will forget!

Gloria Brown & Julia

Gloria & Julia

Meet Julia!

Julia and her family were guests at the Affinia 50 in July. Upon departure Julia wanted to take a picture with Gloria Brown whom she befriended during her stay. When Julia and her mom returned to their home in Spain, they sent an email to Gloria along with this photo and a message that read:

Hello Gloria, how are you?
We had a very good stay at your hotel, you were all very friendly and kind to us. But you specially, Gloria. You are very warm and welcoming.
Kind regards.

Thank you Gloria for always making our guests feel so extra special.

Affinia Dumont’s First Annual Lasagna Bake-Off

Affinia Dumont’s First Annual Lasagna Bake-Off

It started out as a simple conversation between our Director of Rooms, Liz St. James, and our GSA, Jean Paul Barbier, as Liz was eating lasagna for lunch. Jean Paul mentioned that he makes very good lasagna not knowing that the lasagna Liz was having for lunch was home-made (by her). It quickly escalated to a friendly competition: whose lasagna was better. Liz challenged JP to a lasagna bake-off where the Affinia Dumont associates would taste test and vote whose lasagna they liked better. And today that exactly happened. JP and Liz spent hours preparing lasagna last night so they can have it ready for today. They both bravely brought their creations to work today and in the afternoon it was on!! Associates were invited to a taste test after which they officially voted, and their votes were tallied up. As you can see there were some tense moments as we had a tie for a minute, but ultimately Liz received the final deciding vote. Liz’s lasagna was praised for being highly presentable in a glass dish and for having a good traditional flavor. But JP’s lasagna was not far behind with a hearty rich meaty flavor and plenty of cheesy goodness. As it turns out a small friendly challenge turned into a huge success for our entire team! We look forward to many more bake and cook-offs, starting with appetizers all the way to dessert! Can’t wait!

Without Passion, There’s No Innovation

Wright Brothers

When Wilbur and Orville Wright first wrote the Smithsonian Institute in 1899 to request information about aeronautics, they were not the Wright brothers yet. They were simply two brothers who owned a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio. They built and sold bikes for a living, but Wilbur was not satisfied with that. With his brother and business partner, Orville, he began working on another interest of theirs: flight.

I know some of you heard me tell this story at a recent town hall meeting, but the Wright Brothers have always fascinated me. Their passion inspires me.

They had heavy competition for the skies above. Their competitors had more formal education and experience, more money and resources. But it didn’t matter.

The Wright Brothers’ passion won out. It propelled them to be more knowledgeable, practiced and accomplished. On Dec. 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, N.C., the Wright brothers were the first to successfully pilot a flight.

WB plane

I believe we at Denihan have a lot in common with the Wright Brothers. We have competitors who are bigger, competitors who have more resources and competitors with more money. But none of that matters. They don’t have our passion. They don’t care as much as we do, about our jobs, about taking care of our guests and going above and beyond at every guest touch point.

I see and hear examples of your passion and caring almost every day. Even on this site, I read about David Perry, who raced to Penn Station to deliver a briefcase to a frantic and forgetful guest. I read about Krys Krol, a bellman at Affinia Gardens, who thoughtfully ordered pizzas for his front office management team. Or Simone Merchant, a front desk manager at Affinia Dumont, who created on her own a signature Berry Mojito Mocktail to serve during Wine Hour. And there was the staff at The Benjamin, who recently provided the “very bestest  birthday” to a lucky seven-year-old girl. Those are the actions of people who clearly love their jobs.

They should be an inspiration to all of us. We’ve talked a lot about innovation in June, but without passion, there’s no innovating. The Wright Brothers are great examples. Their passion led them to new heights, and so can ours.

Let’s Go Mets!!!

After much anticipation, we all finally made it to the Mets day game. The Denihan team braved high winds, drizzle and very cold temperatures (yes, most of us wore jackets on this July 25th) to attend the Mets game, meet associates from other properties and just have a great time. If the smiles and waves in the picture are any indication, this definitely turned out to be an amazing time!!! Looking forward to the evening game!!!20130725-144724.jpg

Summer Luncheon @ Affinia Shelburne!


Before that seemingly never-ending heat wave hit NYC last week The Affinia Shelburne had planned to take advantage of our amazing rooftop space and have a Summer BBQ for the team. Unfortunately due to the excessive heat we knew that there was no way we were going to be able to pull that off safely. After some last minute juggling the team was able to pull together an amazing feast in one of our meeting rooms which coincidentally had just had an upgrade done to the AC (we couldn’t have planned the timing of that project any better if we had tried)! The team rallied together and indulged in an amazing Cuban feast topped off with “pina coladas” thanks to the joint efforts our Director of Housekeeping and GSA (a.k.a. our “baristas”) Yvrose and Purnima!


pina coladas


The Affinia Shelburne All-Stars Gear Up to Host MLB All-Star Week 2013!

 all star signall stars at desk

As the frenzy surrounding MLB All-Star Week 2013 hits a fever pitch here in NYC, the All-Stars here at Affinia Shelburne are all geared up to host fans and representatives from Major League Baseball. The Shelburne joins many local NYC hotels and businesses in support of these exciting All-Star events.

all star group

Check out some of the Shelburne All-Stars as they sport their promotional t-shirts and baseball hats generously donated to us by the folks at MLB!

all-star guys

And don’t forget to tune into the All-Star Game tomorrow night at 8pm coming to you from Citi Field!

desk shot

Exemplifying Innovation – EarthCam streams Affinia Dumont’s Skyline Views

(Posted on behalf of Alex Spektor, General Manager at the Affinia Dumont)

Ever since my first day at the Affinia Dumont, I’ve always heard about impressive views that most of our rooms offer of the midtown skyline and East river.  The Dumont is 37 stories high and is the tallest hotel in our portfolio.  After many conversations with our guests and associates, we have developed a new line of suites which highlight one of the biggest differentiators our hotel offers – the views.  We named these  – The Skyline Suites.  We converted 36 upper floor suites into Skyline suites which also offer guest telescopes to fully enjoy their panoramic experience.  The term “Skyline Suites” was quickly picked up by our guests and it is now one of the most mentioned items on our Tripadvisor reviews, of course, after “friendly staff” which is always the most mentioned.



This month we’ve reached yet another milestone related to our views.  We installed a webcam on our rooftop which streams live views of the Chrysler building and midtown skyline live, 24-hourrs a day.  This webcam was installed by Earthcam, worlds leading provider of live cameras and we are actually featured on their website for NYC Midtown Skyline view.  To view this live cam please click on the link:


The next phase of this project is to integrate this webcam experience into our site, so that our guests can enjoy watching views from their favorite hotel at any time from home and make their future plans to return to NYC.  The EarthCam will be utilized over July 4th to stream video across town of the Macy’s fireworks.  As Freedom Tower gets completed our camera will turn towards downtown to highlight this important project for the City.   Stay tuned for more news related to the webcam and be sure to check it out yourself.


Thank you for stopping by to enjoy our views!

Innovative Technology Rolled Out @ Affinia Shelburne

(Posted on behalf of Jeff Egol, Director of Rooms, Affinia Shelburne)

The role of the Housekeeping Managers and Coordinators just became a bit more modern here at the Affinia Shelburne after recently implementing a couple of INNOVATIVE best practices that we heard a few of our sister hotels were utilizing.

After much hype and a long waited arrival we recently implemented the use of iPad and iTouch devices that interface with Epitome and HotSOS so that our managers can enter room statuses and work orders right from the floors. This saves them from having to make trips up and down or making multiple phone calls to the office to relay this info.


In addition to the reduced call volume to our Housekeeping Coordinators, we have also attempted to make that position a bit more comfortable by installing a hands-free headset for them to use which allows them to answer calls effortlessly while being able to continue with the multitasking that they are famous for here at the Shelburne!


Meet Sheldon- The Shelburne’s Terrier (or perhaps Terry-er would be more appropriate!)

If you happen to be staying at the Shelburne to celebrate a special occasion you might be in for a surprise guest when you return to your room!


When our Room Attendant Miguelina Jimenez learned that the guests in one of her suites today was celebrating their Diamond Anniversary (60 years!)  she came running downstairs to see what we could do for them and asked if we could give them champagne on the house.  However, in addition to returning to find a complimentary champagne setup in the room,  her guests will also get to meet “Sheldon” (as we have fondly begun calling him) who has been making special appearances around the Shelburne thanks to our creative Director of Housekeeping, Yvrose Lodescar, who has a flair for creating memorable and innovative guest experiences!

1,000 Reasons to Smile…

When Joyce Mangal, one of the Shelburne Room Attendants, approached me last week inquiring about how she could make a donation to Operation Smile, I didn’t think too much of it and told her that the Front Desk would be happy to help her with that. THEN she told me the amount she wished to contribute.

After being momentarily stunned into silence I asked her to repeat herself just to be certain that I had heard her correctly… “I want to donate $1,000” she repeated. When she saw the astonished look on my face Joyce further explained that she she doesn’t have children of her own but she is always looking for ways that she can impact the lives of children in need and she felt like this would be the perfect cause.

Well, today Joyce made her donation official- $1,000 will be going to some very deserving children as a result of her generous and selfless gift!

Please join the Shelburne in recognizing and honoring Joyce for this amazing act of kindness.


Rolling Out Evening Libations at NYC Affinia Hotels!

By Leslie Wolf and John Bradway


How does a complimentary glass of wine (or two) sound? Well, now Affinia Hotels in NYC are inviting our guests to enjoy a complimentary wine hour to start their nights off right. Affinia Shelburne kicked off the first Evening Libations in true Affinia style – complete with vino games, fun peace sign wine stoppers and of course our bartenders who have unique talents beyond the pour (shout out to Micaela, Jeff, Jada and Oneca who helped make sure the first wine hour went off without a hitch).

Evening libations is a great opportunity for Affinia guests to relax, socialize and unwind during their stay. We are thrilled to have launched Evening Libations so far at Affinia Shelburne, Affinia Dumont, Affinia 50 and most recently Affinia Manhattan (thanks Vanessa and Oscar for serving the first wine hour at AM!)

So far, guests are loving it and our Trip Advisor and Market Metrix scores are starting to reflect it! We can’t wait to see how the program evolves and look forward to having our guests continue to come sip, chat and be merry.


A50 Tackles Stress

With the Affinia 50 renovation in full swing the A50 management team has been doing their best to deal with construction noise and to ensure our guests are having an enjoyable stay in the midst of our transformation. With walls springing up to conceal construction work and offices being moved this can cause a disruption on our daily routine and therefore can cause some sort of stress.

So we decided to tackle the beast known as STRESS.

On Thursday, June 13th we sat down and discussed what triggers stress and what we as a team can do to minimize work related stress. At the end of the session we left knowing that each of us deals with stress differently and with the art of communication we can chop away the amount of stress that we create for ourselves.

Affinia 50 Stress Training SessionAffinia 50 Management Team
Affinia 50 Stress Training

The Blooming Affinia Gardens!

Affinia Net Promotor!
Submitted By Deanna Merlo

We here at Affinia Gardens know what it takes to keep the guests coming back for more! It’s all in the numbers.

Take a look at the amazing results for May and our 2013 Year To Date scores are showing the highest growth in the company.

Lots still to do to keep this number up, but we are up for the challenge. Let’s continue to “Bloom” Affinia Gardens!

Thanks to the entire team for everyone’s hard work in ensuring our guests make us their #1 choice when visiting NYC.

Affinia Gardens Team

Caprice and Mike

Berry Innovative!


On a creative whim Simone Merchant, Front Desk Manager at the Affinia Dumont, suggested we mix up the signature drink that we serve to our Wine Hour patrons. She came up with the concept of a Berry Mojito Mocktail. Simone purchased all the fixings to make her sparkling fruity mint concoction and put the whole thing together in time for Wine Hour. The refreshing summer drink was quite the conversation starter and our regular guests said that they would love to see it more often!

Way to think outside of the box to wow our guests Simone- can’t wait to see what’s up next on the menu!

Keeping Those Smiles Coming



In an amazing display of both Teamwork and Commitment, The Affinia Shelburne ended the month of May with a bang!


While brainstorming ways that we could help boost contributions to our Operation Smile goal, two of our Guest Service Agents, Micaela Robertson and Purnima Tiwari, came up with the idea of incorporating a fundraiser into our wildly successful Wine Hour. These ladies rallied the troops to spread the word and the entire team came through by providing baked goods for event. Guests were offered a selection of yummy treats during Friday evening’s Wine Hour and were educated about our partnership with Operation Smile.


Thanks to Micaela and Purnima’s event coordination, the goods supplied by the entire Shelburne Team and the generous donations of our AMAZING guests, this event generated over $160 (in one hour!) towards Operation Smile’s goal of making children smile.



The Great Outdoors


I know this past weekend was not the official start to summer, but when the sun finally came out on Memorial Day, it sure felt like it. As I was dragging my grill out and getting my outdoor furniture ready for the new season, I was thinking about how enjoyable it is spending time outdoors with family and friends. It reminded me of what we do at Denihan Hospitality, and how fortunate we have made a business out of it.


We’ve taken the simple joy of a backyard barbecue, of sipping cool drinks on a hot day with close friends and family, and brought it to our amazing restaurants and bars in Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and South Beach.

From the patio at Art and Soul at The Liaison in Washington D.C. to the breathtaking views from the Rooftop Garden at The Surrey in New York, we provide the perfect backdrop for guests to share food, drinks and fun. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most decorated chefs and innovative nightclub operators to help change the perception of the hotel restaurant and bar, from boring and plain to innovative and iconic. Our outdoor venues are a prime example.

Art and Soul- Patio 3

We could not have done it without Sims Foster, our vice president of restaurants & bars, who has brought a whole new dimension to our Art of Hospitality. He has helped Denihan build out an impressive restaurant and bar platform that will fuel future expansion.

Surrey Rooftop

I hope everyone was able to enjoy Memorial Day weekend and share some time outside with friends and family. I’m sure our guests did, thanks to Sims, his incredible team and all of you working to make it happen.


Outstanding GM of the Year

By Hannah Weller

Teamwork Recognized by the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association

Alex Spektor, general manager of Affinia Dumont, was recognized by the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association as “Outstanding General Manager of the Year.” The nomination for his award, which was submitted by a team of managers at Affinia Dumont, was inspired by his incredible display of teamwork and leadership before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City.

Please check out the YouTube video and join me in congratulating Alex, New York State’s 2013 outstanding general manager of the year!

Boston Strong

If you have been following you already know that Affinia reached out to support our fellow Stash partner and good friend The Lenox Hotel in Boston. We did this by introducing our Affinia customers to the Lenox and asking them to support the hotel them after they closed for over a week during the terror that occurred on Marathon Monday.

Last week an article was written in Lodging Magazine which quotes our very own Tom Botts. Click Here to give it a read and share your thoughts with the rest of the chitchat community.

Early Mother’s Day Gifts at the Affinia Dumont!

Early Mother's Day Gifts at the Affinia Dumont!

Associate Satisfaction is a huge effort at the Affinia Dumont and ensuring our team has the tools and supplies needed to do their job efficiently is key! New vacuums were a major need at the Dumont for the room attendants, so what better way to surprise them than to give out 20 new vacuums all at the same time right before mother’s day! They were even wrapped in pretty bows! The new vacuum makes their job alot easier. One room attendant’s comments were “Just like a new BMW, the vacuum glides smoothly. I love it!”


A special note from Joseph Kelly, General Manager at the Affinia Manhattan:

One of our Denihan values is TEAMWORK. I can tell you that there was no better example of TEAMWORK than the efforts made by all of you this past 6 days. IFJAG is an important piece of business for us and the organizers were amazed at the professionalism and never say NO attitude of our team. They are committed to returning next year and hopefully for many years to come. Thank you for all your hard work this past week. This is truly a talented and dedicated team we have here and it shows that we are capable of doing great things to take care of our guests.



Operation Smile Partnership

Logo of OS

Written by Oneca Hitchman from Affinia Shelburne

Based on media coverage, personal interest, and Affinia Hotel’s initial work with Operation Smile, I had a general idea of the organization’s effective efforts toward the healing of cleft lip, cleft palate, and other health-effecting facial deformities. Despite previous knowledge, I felt an intense sense of anew despondency upon viewing the Denihan-created, Operation Smile presentation, shown to all Affinia associates. Babies and young children malnourished, often ostracized, and in both physical and mental pain based on a condition they could not help, felt philosophically wrong. Upon learning that $240 pays for a single surgery, thereby rectifying the physical ailment and changing a life, I became excited to help and proud that Denihan chose to collectively support the organization’s important mission.

As such, when I learned that Joshua, a courageous little boy who underwent over 30 surgeries via the compassionate care of Operation Smile, would be staying at Affinia Shelburne, I was overjoyed! The Shelburne Team pulled out all the stops to make sure Joshua was comfortable by providing a hearty, happy welcome, communicating consistently, as well as assigning (and triple checking) a beautiful room for the family. We were able to gift Joshua with an Xbox, Games, beverages, a ‘Welcome Joshua’ cake and a personal note from our General Manager as a surprise upon arrival. He was thrilled! Though Joshua had a great time staying with us, the truth is, his joyful innocence, honorable experience, and rambunctious nature, added new life both to the Shelburne, and to me, personally.


It was an honor and privilege to attend Operation Smile’s 30th gala last week at Cipriani Wall Street. Though the ambience was beautiful and the food delicious, the environment was no match for the beautiful, shinning, children (all apart of the Operation Smile movement) who performed and enjoyed the evening’s festivities. Joshua was there! When I saw him he gave me a big hug and his grandma, Candee, said that her family was having a fantastic time at the Shelburne. Indeed, to me, the most memorable experience of the night was seeing Joshua on stage thanking all of those who helped make the charity possible. Grandma Candee spoke about how the charity forever changed her grandson’s life and Joshua presented Doctor Bill and Cathy McGee with a check for $1,000 that he raised by hosting several garage sales throughout the year. It was an amazing, tear-inducing, moment that I will never forget. In Joshua’s public moment of thanks, regarding an organization that helped to change his life forever, he reached out to ensure this possibility for other children all over the world. It is safe to say that this has been an incredible experience thus far and we have only just begun! In the early stages of our company’s initiative Joshua has taught me so much about the power of generosity in spirit. A truly amazing lesson from a very special little boy ? EVENT OS Group

Affinia Gardens – Teamwork Values Champion

Affinia Gardens - Teamwork Values Champion

At Affinia Gardens, our team is beyond excited about Denihan’s 50th Year Celebration! Our deep rooted history and passion for hospitality couldn’t be stronger. The team here is truly like a family, and it always feels like a second home.

Annibal Caballero, our painter, is pictured here sporting his stylish 50th Anniversary hat while ensuring that our hotel looks tip top for our guests. “AC” is our Values Champion winner for February and was recognized for his incredible teamwork.

Town Hall at Affinia Manhattan

photo (5)

Over 300 Denihan associates have attended… Have you?

There is still time to attend our Town Hall Meetings! We have 2 more sessions scheduled at the Affinia Manhattan for your to participate in. One is being held today, May 10th, at 2pm, and we have another scheduled on Monday, May 13th at 9am. Check your schedules as we would love to see you there!

We also have a need for a Videographer who is available Monday morning to assist us in recording our Town Hall Meeting. So if you have hidden skills in this area – please reach out to Jennifer Baldwin at the Corporate Office (212)465-3531 to discuss an opportunity to showcase your talent today!

Thank You From The Lenox Hotel


Our Hotel has sat on the corners of Exeter and Boylston in the Back Bay of Boston for the last 113 years. This past Marathon Monday marked the first time in that 113 year period that we did not have one guest checked into our Hotel. As we evacuated late that Monday afternoon and it turned to evening, the thought become a little overwhelming. Under the guise of night, we thought our life, and the safe sanctuary of our Hotel was forever transformed.

The acts of Marathon Monday were horrific. As a people, we can do nothing to change the acts themselves. What we can do is resolve to ensure that the intent of those acts, to instill their hate and disdain for our way of life, for the sacredness of life, not be tolerated. As we look back now on what will be, next Monday, a month since the cowardice acts of two, we can see we were right to think we were forever transformed. But not in the way we thought. Our Hotel, and our City, has been forever transformed, certainly, but in the best sense of the word. We have come together even stronger as a Hotel, as a neighborhood, as a City, and, if I dare, as Americans. Never have we witnessed such genuine acts of kindness, such selfless acts of help without thought of consequences.

You need to only look at the multitude of emails sent by our Stash partners to their guests asking that they support The Lenox to understand this in the purest of form. It started out Wednesday morning with an email from the Denihan Group asking such, and has come since from every one of our Stash Partners. We stand in awe of each of you and your ability to look beyond your four walls and help a partner. We have not had the benefit of meeting all of you reading this. But know two things. Your genuine spirit to help, has turned to our resolve to be worthy of your effort to help and that effort, had a great impact. We are back up and ready to serve, getting fuller by the day.

When we met with Jeff Lowe some four years ago and wondered if a partnership with Stash would have the impact they proposed, we were hopeful, but skeptical. I stand before you today knowing that that hopefulness has turned to cemented confidence that Stash and its partner Hotels, has made an impact beyond what I could ever have hoped.

Know that should any of you have a need, we are as ready as you were to help!

Warmest of regard,


Daniel Donahue
V.P. and Managing Director
The Lenox | Back Bay
61 Exeter Street at Boylston | Boston, MA 02116

Click Here to read Affinia Hotels Email supporting our Stash Partner.

Monthly Mash Up @ Affinia Shelburne!

Monthly Mash Up @ Affinia Shelburne!

The Affinia Shelburne just wrapped up our “Monthly Mash Up” honoring our associates’ Birthdays, Anniversaries and our last two Values Champions- both of whom were celebrated for representing multiple Values including teamwork!

Our Office Manager, Oneca Hitchman, was honored for her outstanding display of Teamwork as well as her continued Recognition of one of her coworker’s who set out on a personal challenge to get healthy and fit this year. It was brought to our attention that Oneca provided daily encouragement and healthy tips to this colleague and even got the entire team together to sign a card for him in recognition of keeping at it in achieving his goal!

Additionally, one of our Room Attendants, Barbara Lugo, was honored for her Commitment, Passion and continued efforts at creating Teamwork amongst her colleagues! The nomination that we received in support of Barbara was tremendous and in fact was signed by almost every member of the Housekeeping department in a joint effort to let Barbara know how much they appreciate her!

Keep it up Affinia Shelburne!

Liaison & Art and Soul TDA Graduation Dinner


Congratulations to the 8 Talent Development Academy graduates from the Liaison and Art and Soul! The team celebrated their successful completion of the TDA program at Smoke and Barrel restaurant this week. This brings the total number of 2013 Denihan TDA graduates to 24 associates!! We look forward to starting the next TDA application process in June. Will you be one of our future TDA graduates?? Stay tuned…..














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