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Fond Farewell to the Manhattan NYC…

Today is the day that Manhattan NYC departs the Denihan Collection and begins the next chapter in its storied history.

Denihan has owned and managed the hotel since 1973 – originally as the Southgate, later, Affinia Manhattan, and until today, Manhattan NYC.  Forty-three years is a long period of time for one company to own or manage a hotel – longer than many of our competitors have been in existence.  So it is with a heavy heart but an enormous amount of pride that we bid farewell to our Manhattan NYC team.

Many of you, as well as innumerable former Manhattan NYC associates, honed your ‘Art of Hospitality’ skills from the ground up at this hotel.  As our largest and most complex property, the Manhattan has not only served as a valuable training ground, but over the years created a tight-knit family of people whose lives were touched by their experiences there.  We are both proud and humbled to considered ourselves part of this group.

Looking back on the stories we collected for our 50th anniversary celebration, we saw that so many memories occurred there.  Those accounts included interactions with celebrities, sports figures, and even a glimpse of the Pope.  But as all of you know who have been on the front lines, success at the Manhattan involved tireless teams working collaboratively to care for our guests.  Manhattan NYC has built both careers and relationships.

Thank you to all who have served at Manhattan NYC.  And to those of you who will continue to serve under new management, we know this is not good-bye, but rather, ‘see you again soon’.  We extend our wishes to all for continued success.

With sincere thanks,

Brooke and Patrick

2016 Big Apple Stars Nominees

Congratulations to the Denihan 2016 Big Apple Stars Nominees!


Full-Time Door Concierge

Gina Bianco – The Benjamin

Purnima Tiwari – Shelburne NYC

Full-Time Door Person

Canton Hago – The Benjamin

Manuel Pitre – Carlton Hotel

Carlos Santos – Dumont NYC

Samuel Asfaw – Fifty NYC

Salman Khalil – Gardens NYC

Marceau Duplan – Manhattan NYC

Dennis Harrow – Shelburne NYC

 Full-Time Hourly w/ Guest Contact

Pronab Dutta – The Benjamin

Hector Rivera – The Carlton Hotel

Kevin Mejia – Dumont NYC

Terrance Carpenter – Fifty NYC

Christopher Freeman – Gardens NYC

Julio Quijada – The James NY **Finalist**

Kodjo Dom Tete Adayi – Manhattan NYC

Richard Jimenez – Shelburne NYC

Full-Time Room Attendant

Paola Sandy – The Benjamin

Genive Bristol – The Carlton Hotel

Marie Pierre – Dumont NYC

Angela Capellan – Fifty NYC

Anna Walendziuk – Gardens NYC

Maria Torres – The James NY

Danuta Partyka – Manhattan NYC

Bibi Rasheed – Shelburne NYC

 Full-Time Hourly w/o Guest Contact

Braulio De Jesus – The Benjamin

Ebenzer Owusu – The Carlton Hotel

Thumptan Sherab – Dumont NYC

Igor Vasko – Fifty NYC

Anokye Wilson – Gardens NYC

Edwin Santis – The James NY

Adam Petricki – Manhattan NYC

Avudulla Shehu  – Shelburne NYC

Manager Below General Manager

Andria Vlahos – The Benjamin

Mariorara Sfera – The Carlton Hotel

Amy Betances – Dumont NYC **Finalist**

Ruth Pino – Fifty NYC

Hazel Minaya – The James NY

Trang Phan – Manhattan NYC



Thanksgiving Celebrations

As the official hotel of the 89th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade the Manhattan NYC hosted a character meet & greet in our grand lobby where guests enjoyed snacks and snapped some pics with the friendly parade characters before heading off to prepare for the parade. #affiniaholiday




View from the Top- Client Event at the Manhattan NYC


The sales and catering team at the Manhattan NYC toasted Summer with key local clients this past week. Signature Manhattan-tini cocktails, made-to-order guacamole, and tapas were served under the city skyline. Over 70 clients attended from Macy’s, L’Oreal, Crains, NY Life, Kleinfeld, ATI, Frosch and many other local partners. Fun prizes and tours completed the evening.

Manhattan NYC bowls a strike for the HEAF Foundation

2015-03-13 11.44.542015-03-13 11.38.30

Last night Julianne Lewis, Oscar Gomez, Jenna Nordstrom, and Evita Chidiac from the Manhattan NYC team, along with Krystle Spruill from Denihan Corporate attended the benefit at the upscale bowling alley in Midtown, Frames. HEAF- Harlem Educational Activities Fund, was developed to provide Harlem educators with private resources to enhance student outcomes and school effectiveness. HEAF provides an extended continuum of educational and youth development and leadership opportunities to high-potential, underserved students throughout the city.

The benefit brought in a total of $14,795– great job team!

Manhattan NYC: Glitz and Glamour

Check out the decor at Manhattan NYC on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Manhattan NYC

Glitz and Glamour

From the flashy lights of Broadway to the Swarovski crystal New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square, New York City is always decorated in lights, especially during the holidays. This season, we’re bringing all that glitz and glamour into the Manhattan NYC—including a tree trimmed in (naturally) silver and gold. Be a part of it.

Photography by Interiors & Sources

Check out the rest of the decor here!

The Manhattan has a blast during Housekeeping Week!

This year, Housekeeping week at the Manhattan was such a blast that we are still looking at the pictures and replaying videos. Along with the below activities we had tons of food, dessert, massages and a festive vibe all-around.

Some of the memorable activities included:

  • Toilet Paper Toss – set boxes up with holes big enough to fit a roll of paper and have associated get three in a row;
  • Room Attendant Cart Challenge – first house man to push cart full of linen around orange cones wins;
  • Wrap a Manager – wrap managers with toilet paper within a certain amount of time;
  • Obstacle Course – have associates go through an obstacle course that included vacuuming carpet, making a bed and dusting a table;
  • Kleenex Toss – Kleenex Box will be tied to associates’ waste that will have a ping pong ball and first person to shake it out wins;
  • Make a Manager up – porter will be blind folded with a room attendant directing him on how to put make up on.

As you can see from the photos and video below, our team had such a fantastic time that we cannot wait for next year.

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (5)


photo 5


Long Live Affinia Hotel Collection

Posted on behalf of Christian Betheuil 

Step by step, experience by experience, the Affinia properties are changing from the inside out. A new Collection flag here, a new property specific key card there, they are starting to embrace their individuality and place within the Collection.

In this new chapter, Affinia is taking a step back to let the property be the center of attention. In technical terms, we are transitioning from a Brand model to a Collection model. Over the summer, Affinia hotelschitchat Affinia left behind their brand look without losing the Affinia soul – a great bed, a warm, fully appointed hotel room, a friendly staff.

While the transition is subtle, each of the small steps we take add up. Different messaging, property specific colors, and new creative on key cards all add up to bring the customer experience to the next level. This week, new DND signs have started to appear at select properties. We trust you to find and discover those touches. Similar to an impressionist painting (yes, we take ourselves seriously!), where considering a touch of paint by itself does not make sense, while taking a step back, you realize what you are looking at. The properties are building their little touches, so a whole new picture appears. Stay tuned for more communication on this evolution, especially if you are at one of the Affinia properties.

Long Live the Affinia Hotel Collection.



Yesterday we held our annual all associate event in our little known gem called Suite 2901. DJ Rob was spinning turntables and our fabulous management team and GM, were working hard on the grill. While our GM, Alex Spektor, and Director of Banquets, Franklyn Polonia competed for the “skirt-steak throw-down,” associates indulged in their well-deserved feast and danced away on the terrace! Raffle giveaways + good food + good company = ALL SMILES 🙂



Thank you to our awesome team for your hard work and commitment on a daily basis. Thank you to our management team for assisting in making this event a success. We hope everyone enjoyed the event and many more to come!


P.S.: We challenge Franklyn and Alex for another “BBQ Throw-down” simply because we all couldn’t get enough of both of your yummy steaks 🙂

Affinia Manhattan: Setting the Stage for a Site Inspection that Says WOW!

Affinia Manhattan houses a little known gem called Suite 2901.  This suite, sitting atop the building features a wrap-around terrace that has breathtaking views of New York City and New Jersey. With our brand new and creative team, we’ve been asking ourselves ‘What else can we do’ with Suite 2901 considering that it has so much potential? And what we came up with were ideas for a variety of events that showcase this beautiful gem. On Thursday, we hosted a site inspection with numerous planners and conference managers from the area. After they toured Affinia Manhattan and other hotels from our collection, they were very impressed with our products as well as our hospitality, sending thank you notes stating: “Thank you for sharing your beautiful hotel with us and thank you for all of the amazing hospitality.”  Thought we’d share with you some of the stunning views the planners fell in love with.

Suite 2901

DNA helps Denihan Associates get in the 4th of July spirit!

This year again, with the help of Denihan Network Advocates, Denihan associates got in the celebratory spirit with delivered goody bags filled with U.S. flag pins and patriotic themed sweet treats including I<3 USA lollipops, cotton candy and patriotic striped mints. As you can see, everyone loved the treats and proudly displayed their patriotic pride with the flags.

In order to make this event a huge hit, a lot of people came together to make it happen – a few of them deserving very special thanks: Matt Norman-thank you, thank you for such seamless support and making this possible; Cindy Johnson-as always, she just makes things happen J; Jackie Elbaidouri-my go-to lady with her creative ideas and get-it-done spirit; and of course, Chrissy Denihan-for endlessly supporting DNA and all of our efforts! Thank you to our entire DNA team and property HRD’s who continually volunteer their time and efforts to keep our prized Denihan culture alive!

DNA-Fourth of July


Affinia Manhattan Managers’ Holiday Celebration

AM Managers Outing


The Affinia Manhattan Management Team gathered on Thursday evening to celebrate the New Year, enjoy a fine dinner and bond with one another. We had a great turnout, lively conversations, loads of fun and everyone present is super-excited about the successes we are eager to achiever this year!  A big thank you to all our Managers who made it! We all look forward to a very successful 2014!!!

Affinia Manhattan Catering & Sales Teams Celebrate a Successful 2013

Posted on behalf of Tomika Morgan, Group Sales Manager

AM Bowling Outing

The Affinia Manhattan Group and Catering Sales Teams had the opportunity to celebrate their successes over the 2013 year recently. There was so much success to go around that no one individual felt left out. Affinia Manhattan had a rough time throughout the year due to the final renovations, however, the entire team still managed to excel. Kelli Martin, Alex Spektor and Michael Newman expressed their gratitude repeatedly. And once all the kind words were said the team enjoyed three rounds of good, bad, and hilarious bowling. It would appear that the selling skills by far surpass the bowling skills for some but everyone had an amazingly fun-filled time.

Affinia Manhattan Welcomes First Snow Storm of 2014

Affinia Manhattan Welcomes First Snow Storm of 2014

The winter storm blasted the Tri-State area overnight with freezing temperatures, high winds and yes, lots of snow! It was the first snow storm of 2014-and the Affinia Manhattan teams were prepared to take it on! With some sandwiches on hand, the team enjoyed a satisfying lunch and later bundled up to clear all of the snow that had accumulated. If their warm smiles are any indication, our team definitely enjoyed this memorable day.

A sweet start to a week-long HotSOS Training

A sweet start to a week-long HotSOS Training

Monday, 8/26, was the first day of an intense five-day HotSOS training program for many department heads across the Denihan portfolio at the Corporate office. While learning about data configuration, database set up, reports modules, and responder devices sounds interesting (and it is); it somehow seemed like the first day of school for many of us-having to absorb a lot of information and quickly! But during our lunch break, Rene Roman, Director of Rooms at the Surrey Hotel really lightened the mood in the Learning Center by surprising Jordan Howell, Assistant Director of Front Office Operation at the Surrey Hotel as well, with a fresh cheesecake for HIS BIRTHDAY! Yes, it was Jordan’s birthday and he was attending HotSOS training. One would say that’s dedication-but what’s even more, the next day, Jordan was in class bright and early – way before 9am! Now that’s true dedication! And thanks to Rene for the cheesecake – as you can see we all enjoyed a slice-and continued on with our studies!
And once again – Wishing Jordan a Very Happy Birthday!

Rolling Out Evening Libations at NYC Affinia Hotels!

By Leslie Wolf and John Bradway


How does a complimentary glass of wine (or two) sound? Well, now Affinia Hotels in NYC are inviting our guests to enjoy a complimentary wine hour to start their nights off right. Affinia Shelburne kicked off the first Evening Libations in true Affinia style – complete with vino games, fun peace sign wine stoppers and of course our bartenders who have unique talents beyond the pour (shout out to Micaela, Jeff, Jada and Oneca who helped make sure the first wine hour went off without a hitch).

Evening libations is a great opportunity for Affinia guests to relax, socialize and unwind during their stay. We are thrilled to have launched Evening Libations so far at Affinia Shelburne, Affinia Dumont, Affinia 50 and most recently Affinia Manhattan (thanks Vanessa and Oscar for serving the first wine hour at AM!)

So far, guests are loving it and our Trip Advisor and Market Metrix scores are starting to reflect it! We can’t wait to see how the program evolves and look forward to having our guests continue to come sip, chat and be merry.



A special note from Joseph Kelly, General Manager at the Affinia Manhattan:

One of our Denihan values is TEAMWORK. I can tell you that there was no better example of TEAMWORK than the efforts made by all of you this past 6 days. IFJAG is an important piece of business for us and the organizers were amazed at the professionalism and never say NO attitude of our team. They are committed to returning next year and hopefully for many years to come. Thank you for all your hard work this past week. This is truly a talented and dedicated team we have here and it shows that we are capable of doing great things to take care of our guests.



Town Hall at Affinia Manhattan

photo (5)

Over 300 Denihan associates have attended… Have you?

There is still time to attend our Town Hall Meetings! We have 2 more sessions scheduled at the Affinia Manhattan for your to participate in. One is being held today, May 10th, at 2pm, and we have another scheduled on Monday, May 13th at 9am. Check your schedules as we would love to see you there!

We also have a need for a Videographer who is available Monday morning to assist us in recording our Town Hall Meeting. So if you have hidden skills in this area – please reach out to Jennifer Baldwin at the Corporate Office (212)465-3531 to discuss an opportunity to showcase your talent today!