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Fond Farewell to the Dumont NYC…

Today is the day that the Dumont NYC begins the next chapter in its history. With mixed emotions, it leaves the Denihan Collection of hotels after 31 years.  The hotel was built from the ground up by the Denihan family and opened its doors in 1986 as The Dumont Plaza.  It was built on the site of our aunt and uncle’s camera store – Dumont Camera – that operated as a family business in the 1940 – 1950’s.

Thirty-one years is a long period of time for one company to own or manage a hotel – longer than many of our competitors have been in business. So, it is with a heavy heart but an enormous amount of pride that we bid farewell to our Dumont NYC team.

Many of you, as well as innumerable former Dumont NYC associates, honed your Art of Hospitality skills from the ground up at this hotel. The Dumont has not only served as a valuable training ground, but over the years created a tight-knit family of people whose lives were touched by their experiences there and relationships built.  Success at the Dumont NYC involved tireless teams working collaboratively to care for our guests. That is why our TripAdvisor scores have consistently remained in the top 100 and guests have commented on the friendly and can do attitude of the staff.  We are both proud and humbled to consider ourselves part of this group.

Thank you to all who have served at Dumont NYC. While bittersweet, we will always have many wonderful memories.

With sincere thanks,

Brooke and Patrick

Farewell to George Drepaul – 31 years

George Drepaul – 31 Years

It is with a grateful and sad heart that we bid farewell to George Drepaul.  After 31 years of service with Denihan, George will be moving on to a new chapter in his life once the Dumont NYC closes.  George has had the unique distinction of working at 6 of our hotels and being a GM at 4 of them in addition to serving a stint in Corporate HR.

George began his career with Denihan in April 1986 as a night auditor at a hotel we once owned and managed – Lyden House.  He quickly moved on to other operational positions in the front office at that hotel and the Gardens NYC.  For a period of time, he was AGM of our largest property, Manhattan NYC, where George would say he got his PhD in hotel operations!  His leadership, eye for detail and bottom line focus served him well during his GM tenure at the Eastgate Tower, Lyden House, Shelburne NYC and now Dumont NYC in its final stages as a hotel.

We could always count on George to have the best interest of the company in mind.  His loyalty, commitment and integrity are values this company was built on and lived by George every day.  We are much appreciative and grateful to him.  These values should be an inspiration to all of us.  It is what has allowed us to thrive as a family business for over 50 years.  It will continue to be the foundation for our success into the future.

For those of you who know George, you know that he is a private person and did not want the attention of a public farewell.  We respect that but also did not want to miss the opportunity to recognize him for all he has done for us and demonstrate the impact he has had on others.

Following are a few stories that people wanted to share about George.  We hope you will enjoy them.

In the meantime – thank you George from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done to make Denihan the company that it is today.

With Gratitude,

Brooke and Patrick


One of my favorite stories was when George was the Assistant GM at the Manhattan. The GM at the time, Mark Hurewitz, George, and I were discussing something. George got called out or beeped and he left the office. Mark and I were still meeting when George walked back in. He waited while we finished talking and then in his calm, normally quiet voice said, “The bank downstairs was just robbed.” Mark jumped up! George was very matter of fact in times of crisis. – Steve Alfieri

I remember a time years ago I went over to the Eastgate for a meeting and I found George in the Lobby handling an issue with the Fire Command Station. He was acting as FSD and Chief Engineer. I asked him what was going on and he nonchalantly detailed how he was correcting the issue. He had also just come from the boiler room where he had worked to get one of the boilers back up. George’s hands on style and mechanical ability is always inspiring. –  Brian Gehlich

One of the things that impressed me the most about George was the way he was with numbers. It was like having a human calculator as a GM. He might forget something about where items were or someone’s birthday but if we were 2 cents over or short he knew exactly where they were! – Belfor Gutierrez

George was my HR Screener in 2001 and sent me to The Dumont and The Shelburne to interview. I started at The Dumont and thank George for bringing me into Denihan.  George is a strong leader and a man with great family values. His contribution and commitment to the organization was something to be respected and admired. – Joe Rauer

I met George about 21 years ago when I started in the company. Since, I had the pleasure of working with him at the Manhattan, Shelburne, Dumont and even Human Resources when he had a brief role in Employment on 10th Avenue. I have so many memories and shared a lot of laughs with George, but if I really think about one memory that stands out, it was at the Southgate Tower (Manhattan NYC). I was about 17 years old and it was my first day working as an intern that summer. I was stationed at the Southgate Tower and George was the AGM. He invited me to attend the morning stand up meeting with the team. At the Southgate, there was a Bank located on the lower level entrance that was leased out. During stand up, the bank was robbed and the alarms went off. George immediately reacted and grabbed his suit jacket and ran to the lobby and bank. I remember thinking why would he grab his suit jacket to put on before running to the lobby in an emergency situation. Throughout the years working with George, I frequently think of this memory, and realized he grabbed his jacket because that is his level of Professionalism. Professionalism defines George and is a quality he carries that has influenced countless associates and team members throughout the years at Denihan. As an associate that met George 21 years ago, I can personally say he has influenced me and played a very significant role in my career with Denihan and I will truly miss working with him.  – Reginia Yorio

George to me was one of the best business partners that you could rely on to stand tall with you. – Eleanor Carter

In September, 1992, I had just graduated college with a degree in Hospitality Management and was heading to East 64th Street for my first real “interview”. I remember how nervous I was as I really didn’t know what to expect. I walked in to the Lyden Gardens Hotel a total wreck and approached the Front Desk requesting to speak to the Director of Front Office who I was scheduled to meet with to discuss a potential GSA position. I took a seat and was then approached by a smiling, friendly young man who introduced himself to me as George Drepaul. Little did I realize at the time how important this person would be to me throughout my career at Denihan. George did eventually hire me for that GSA position even though I am sure he saw how nervous and inexperienced I was in our interview. However, that nervousness faded once I started working at the Gardens as George put me at ease very quickly and he patiently showed me “the ropes”. I was only 21 at the time but recognized at that young age how lucky I was to work with such a generous, caring and professional Manager. George was a coach, mentor and sometimes “big brother” to me during our time working together and I sincerely appreciate all the guidance and support he has provided to me even after our time together at the Gardens. I wish George every success as he embarks on this new chapter in his career and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from such an amazing hospitality professional. – Jennifer Baldwin

Working with George has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me at Denihan.  He’s always been razor focused on results and driven by his passion for the hospitality business and the bottom line.  The best part:  George built collaborative teams which he always kept up-to-date on the latest celebrity news and current events! – Tim Devlin

It’s been a pleasure working with George over the last few years.  He is very passionate and a great person to work for.  He will be missed! – Anne Maire Lachmeyer

He is a great mentor, always encouraging and challenging me at the same time, since our tenure started back at The Eastgate.  I will miss how George would start RevMax with the latest celebrity gossip as an icebreaker.  I will cherish all the great memories we have. – Joyce Rosario

Holiday Greetings from the Dumont NYC!

The team enjoyed a night of dancing, raffles, and each other’s company for the evening.

2016 Big Apple Stars Nominees

Congratulations to the Denihan 2016 Big Apple Stars Nominees!


Full-Time Door Concierge

Gina Bianco – The Benjamin

Purnima Tiwari – Shelburne NYC

Full-Time Door Person

Canton Hago – The Benjamin

Manuel Pitre – Carlton Hotel

Carlos Santos – Dumont NYC

Samuel Asfaw – Fifty NYC

Salman Khalil – Gardens NYC

Marceau Duplan – Manhattan NYC

Dennis Harrow – Shelburne NYC

 Full-Time Hourly w/ Guest Contact

Pronab Dutta – The Benjamin

Hector Rivera – The Carlton Hotel

Kevin Mejia – Dumont NYC

Terrance Carpenter – Fifty NYC

Christopher Freeman – Gardens NYC

Julio Quijada – The James NY **Finalist**

Kodjo Dom Tete Adayi – Manhattan NYC

Richard Jimenez – Shelburne NYC

Full-Time Room Attendant

Paola Sandy – The Benjamin

Genive Bristol – The Carlton Hotel

Marie Pierre – Dumont NYC

Angela Capellan – Fifty NYC

Anna Walendziuk – Gardens NYC

Maria Torres – The James NY

Danuta Partyka – Manhattan NYC

Bibi Rasheed – Shelburne NYC

 Full-Time Hourly w/o Guest Contact

Braulio De Jesus – The Benjamin

Ebenzer Owusu – The Carlton Hotel

Thumptan Sherab – Dumont NYC

Igor Vasko – Fifty NYC

Anokye Wilson – Gardens NYC

Edwin Santis – The James NY

Adam Petricki – Manhattan NYC

Avudulla Shehu  – Shelburne NYC

Manager Below General Manager

Andria Vlahos – The Benjamin

Mariorara Sfera – The Carlton Hotel

Amy Betances – Dumont NYC **Finalist**

Ruth Pino – Fifty NYC

Hazel Minaya – The James NY

Trang Phan – Manhattan NYC



Dumont NYC Fall Festival

Something’s brewing and it’ll be ghoulishly fun….A wicked good time for everyone

On Monday October 31st, Dumont NYC hosted a Fall Festival Celebration filled with fun, food, candy, and games!



Dumont NYC Celebrates Housekeeping Week



Dumont NYC kicked off Housekeeping Week with a full hot breakfast. On Day 2, the team participated in a scavenger hunt that guided them through the guest rooms, down to the Housekeeping Office and into the locker rooms in order to find the clues and win. Today, the Management Team hosted an Ice Cream social.

Dumont Housekeeping Team- Thank you for all that you do!

Skyscraper Day at the Dumont NYC!


To celebrate National Skyscraper Day on September 3rd, the Dumont NYC invited its guests to a special extended wine hour in one of its extraordinary Skyline Suites! From 5pm-7pm, guests enjoyed complimentary red and white wines and refreshments in the comfort of a suite, along with the opportunity to mingle with other guests staying at the hotel and marvel upon the fantastic skyline views of the city right before sunset. Visible views from wine hour included the famous Chrysler Building and East River, as well as other notable NYC skyscrapers.


Cheers from the Dumont NYC!

Donations from Dumont NYC

On Wednesday May 18th,  we donated 60 lockers left over from our Spa which closed a few years ago. With the help of Great Forest we located a school in Maspeth Queens, Martin Luther School, who was willing to take the lockers off of our hands. Their plan is to give the lockers a face lift so their students have a place to store their books which they currently do not have.

dumont lockers 2dumont lockers

Creating a Better Life- Thupten Sherab’s Story

Dumont CC 1Dumont cc 2

Thupten Sherab, an associate from Dumont NYC, traveled to India and worked with the Monks to build a center for the elderly. During his visit he was able to build new homes and create a senior center. In addition, in each of the 5 villages Thupten visited, he took on projects such as upgrading solar lighting and bathroom conversions to western toilets. Here in New York, Thupten opened his own center for the elderly Tibetan community called the Himalayan Elders Project for which he received the below recognition.


Dumont NYC wishes you a Happy Holiday

On December 15th, Dumont NYC celebrated their 2015 Holiday Party. Hosting a Chinese Auction the team was able to bid on their choice of over 30 gifts including 10 hotel stays. The team danced the night away with great music, good food and remarkable company! We celebrated the tradition of giving and the beauty of the season.

Dumont Holiday Party 2015 Dumont Holiday Party 20151

From the Dumont NYC:  We wish you peace, love, and laughter this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Team Appreciation at the Dumont NYC

In recognition for everyone’s efforts during construction, the Dumont NYC hosted a team appreciation lunch.  Each team member received a Subway To Go lunch box to say thank you for all their hard work.  Great Job Team!!!

Appreciation post


Dumont NYC: Family Holiday Moments

Check out the décor at Dumont NYC and share to Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Dumont NYC

Family Holiday Moments

Introduce your family to 34th Street’s sweetest snowmen: life-sized, handcrafted, and looking out the windows of the Dumont NYC. With wintry décor and complimentary candy under a cascade of snowflakes, the lobby’s as sweet as it is cozy. Come relax in a spacious suite and downstairs at Wine Hour, and as always, make yourself at home.

Holiday Photography by 

Interiors & Sources

Click here to see the rest!

Long Live Affinia Hotel Collection

Posted on behalf of Christian Betheuil 

Step by step, experience by experience, the Affinia properties are changing from the inside out. A new Collection flag here, a new property specific key card there, they are starting to embrace their individuality and place within the Collection.

In this new chapter, Affinia is taking a step back to let the property be the center of attention. In technical terms, we are transitioning from a Brand model to a Collection model. Over the summer, Affinia hotelschitchat Affinia left behind their brand look without losing the Affinia soul – a great bed, a warm, fully appointed hotel room, a friendly staff.

While the transition is subtle, each of the small steps we take add up. Different messaging, property specific colors, and new creative on key cards all add up to bring the customer experience to the next level. This week, new DND signs have started to appear at select properties. We trust you to find and discover those touches. Similar to an impressionist painting (yes, we take ourselves seriously!), where considering a touch of paint by itself does not make sense, while taking a step back, you realize what you are looking at. The properties are building their little touches, so a whole new picture appears. Stay tuned for more communication on this evolution, especially if you are at one of the Affinia properties.

Long Live the Affinia Hotel Collection.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted!

In the spirit of Awareness, the Dumont has engaged in some friendly competition for a good cause.  It all started when our Guest Experience Coordinator, Abraham Rodriguez, challenged both Stephanie Fernandez (Guest Service Agent) and Juber Rahman (Bell/Door) to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge in less than 24 hours or donate $100 to ALS.  After they accepted the challenge, they nominated our very own General Manager, Jennifer Baldwin, to complete the challenge.

Guess what…challenge accepted!!

Also, even one of our VIP guests, ex-Yankee Cecil Fielder, joined in as he was nominated as well and accepted the challenge on behalf of the Dumont.
David Sandler, Glenda Maldonado, Steve Sasso…will you step up to the plate?  24 hours to go

DNA helps Denihan Associates get in the 4th of July spirit!

This year again, with the help of Denihan Network Advocates, Denihan associates got in the celebratory spirit with delivered goody bags filled with U.S. flag pins and patriotic themed sweet treats including I<3 USA lollipops, cotton candy and patriotic striped mints. As you can see, everyone loved the treats and proudly displayed their patriotic pride with the flags.

In order to make this event a huge hit, a lot of people came together to make it happen – a few of them deserving very special thanks: Matt Norman-thank you, thank you for such seamless support and making this possible; Cindy Johnson-as always, she just makes things happen J; Jackie Elbaidouri-my go-to lady with her creative ideas and get-it-done spirit; and of course, Chrissy Denihan-for endlessly supporting DNA and all of our efforts! Thank you to our entire DNA team and property HRD’s who continually volunteer their time and efforts to keep our prized Denihan culture alive!

DNA-Fourth of July


Endless Farewells’ To Our Dumont Superstar Frances Castro!

It is with sadness but overjoyed happiness to post the promotional celebrations that our Director of Housekeeping, Frances Castro, received from the Dumont Team as she moves on to the Affinia Manhattan.

Our housekeeping team took it upon themselves to plan and host a Potluck Lunch Celebration as their personal thanks for all the hard work and commitment Frances has put for her team.

Congratulations Frances, the best of luck on your next step up!!!

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Dumont’s Quarterly Townhall Success!

On Tuesday, the Dumont hosted it’s first Townhall Meeting of the year with our new General Manager – Jennifer Baldwin. There was a lot of built up excitement and curiosity from our staff on all the new changes and faces at the hotel. In keeping with the new spirit at Corporate of the departments now sitting in pods based on the hotel, the staff was was graced with the presence of our new extended team. Our new Hotel Group Controller – Thomas Lyon, our new Director of Revenue Management – Barbara Brown, our new Marketing Manager – Timothy Devlin, and our new Director of Human Resources (and co-Townhall presenter) – Regina Yorio, all came by to personally meet the team. We all gathered and enjoyed each others company as we all learned of our future projects and prospects. We even held a surprise giveaway to two lucky team members, Carlos Santos winning a two night stay at the Liasion, and Shonda Colbourne winning a one night stay at the Affinia 50. And did I forget to mention the delicious breakfast we had…

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Another Snow Storm…Bring It On!

When will the snow end?? For the time being, the Affinia Dumont will not be deterred from providing the excellent service it provides because of the snow. During last week’s storm we treated our staff to lunch, on us! By the looks of how much the staff enjoyed the lunch and with the never ending snow, it looks like another lunch will be right around the corner!




A Sweet Start to International Housekeeping Week at Affinia Dumont!

A Sweet Start to International Housekeeping Week at Affinia Dumont!

It’s International Housekeeping Week – a time when we give special recognition to all those hard-working team members in our housekeeping department who keep Affinia Dumont sparkling, safe and clean every day for all of us and our guests alike. Monday marked the first day of a week-long celebration; and what a better way to start than with a sweet, frozen treat. Or treats as was the case today. We enjoyed making sundaes, complete with cherries on top and even sprinkles 🙂 While everyone had a great time, it was nice to spend a few moments just recognizing the important and spectacular work our housekeeping associates do on a daily basis. Day 1 – total success!

A sweet start to a week-long HotSOS Training

A sweet start to a week-long HotSOS Training

Monday, 8/26, was the first day of an intense five-day HotSOS training program for many department heads across the Denihan portfolio at the Corporate office. While learning about data configuration, database set up, reports modules, and responder devices sounds interesting (and it is); it somehow seemed like the first day of school for many of us-having to absorb a lot of information and quickly! But during our lunch break, Rene Roman, Director of Rooms at the Surrey Hotel really lightened the mood in the Learning Center by surprising Jordan Howell, Assistant Director of Front Office Operation at the Surrey Hotel as well, with a fresh cheesecake for HIS BIRTHDAY! Yes, it was Jordan’s birthday and he was attending HotSOS training. One would say that’s dedication-but what’s even more, the next day, Jordan was in class bright and early – way before 9am! Now that’s true dedication! And thanks to Rene for the cheesecake – as you can see we all enjoyed a slice-and continued on with our studies!
And once again – Wishing Jordan a Very Happy Birthday!

2,000 *additional* Reasons to Smile…

2,000 *additional* Reasons to Smile…

…thanks to Joyce Mangal’s incredible gift of $2,000!!! Yes, Joyce Mangal has done it again at the Affinia Dumont… but Joyce’s story starts at Affinia Shelburne when she selflessly made a donation of $1,000 to Operation Smile. Ever since Affinia Hotels partnered with Operation Smile, the charity became close to Joyce’s heart as she deeply loves and cares for children.

When Joyce transitioned to a full-time position at the Affinia Dumont, she was extremely happy to “feel right at home” and felt moved by our team’s ongoing support for the charity. Being unable to go on vacation this year, she thought she can make use of the money she would have spent by making a donation to support Operation Smile. When Joyce approached me and told me that she wanted to make a $2,000 donation to Operation Smile, I had to step back, and repeatedly ask her if she was sure. After she convinced me that she is, I graciously accepted her money and posted it to our Operation Smile account.

Having heard about Joyce’s generosity at Affinia Shelburne, and now at Affinia Dumont, she was invited to a formal photo shoot at our Corporate office with Patrick Denihan, Brooke Barrett, Chrissy Denihan, our GM-Alex Spektor and our former HR Director, Jackie Violette. The photos were then featured with an article in Lodging Magazine.

Please join me in recognizing Joyce Mangal for her supreme generosity and giving spirit. Operation Smile truly benefits from this selfless room attendant who, having none of her own children, enjoys babysitting her nieces, nephews and her friends’ children at any time; taking them shopping, out for ice cream and spending quality time making friendship bracelets. Her dream, when she retires, is to travel the world helping children in need and who are stricken by poverty. Joyce – you are well on your way…

Affinia Dumont Managers get taught a lesson…

Affinia Dumont Managers get taught a lesson…

…in making Tiramisu!!!

On Friday, we held our weekly Managers’ meeting and in line with this month’s Denihan Value of Learning, our Night Auditor, Joane Masetti, decided to teach everyone how to make one of her favorite desserts: Tiramisu. While all of us thought that making Tiramisu was a long-involved process, Joane’s teaching approach was hands on: she assigned a task to each Manager so they would get the full benefit of the lesson. And it worked! We all walked away knowing that we can make Tiramisu in less than half an hour with the hardest part being: letting the dessert chill in the fridge for about three hours. After the looooong wait, we all got to try ‘home-made’ Tiramisu and it was creamy, bursting with flavor and simply delicious! A special thanks goes to Joane for making this week’s meeting a lesson no one will forget!

Affinia Dumont’s First Annual Lasagna Bake-Off

Affinia Dumont’s First Annual Lasagna Bake-Off

It started out as a simple conversation between our Director of Rooms, Liz St. James, and our GSA, Jean Paul Barbier, as Liz was eating lasagna for lunch. Jean Paul mentioned that he makes very good lasagna not knowing that the lasagna Liz was having for lunch was home-made (by her). It quickly escalated to a friendly competition: whose lasagna was better. Liz challenged JP to a lasagna bake-off where the Affinia Dumont associates would taste test and vote whose lasagna they liked better. And today that exactly happened. JP and Liz spent hours preparing lasagna last night so they can have it ready for today. They both bravely brought their creations to work today and in the afternoon it was on!! Associates were invited to a taste test after which they officially voted, and their votes were tallied up. As you can see there were some tense moments as we had a tie for a minute, but ultimately Liz received the final deciding vote. Liz’s lasagna was praised for being highly presentable in a glass dish and for having a good traditional flavor. But JP’s lasagna was not far behind with a hearty rich meaty flavor and plenty of cheesy goodness. As it turns out a small friendly challenge turned into a huge success for our entire team! We look forward to many more bake and cook-offs, starting with appetizers all the way to dessert! Can’t wait!

Without Passion, There’s No Innovation

Wright Brothers

When Wilbur and Orville Wright first wrote the Smithsonian Institute in 1899 to request information about aeronautics, they were not the Wright brothers yet. They were simply two brothers who owned a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio. They built and sold bikes for a living, but Wilbur was not satisfied with that. With his brother and business partner, Orville, he began working on another interest of theirs: flight.

I know some of you heard me tell this story at a recent town hall meeting, but the Wright Brothers have always fascinated me. Their passion inspires me.

They had heavy competition for the skies above. Their competitors had more formal education and experience, more money and resources. But it didn’t matter.

The Wright Brothers’ passion won out. It propelled them to be more knowledgeable, practiced and accomplished. On Dec. 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, N.C., the Wright brothers were the first to successfully pilot a flight.

WB plane

I believe we at Denihan have a lot in common with the Wright Brothers. We have competitors who are bigger, competitors who have more resources and competitors with more money. But none of that matters. They don’t have our passion. They don’t care as much as we do, about our jobs, about taking care of our guests and going above and beyond at every guest touch point.

I see and hear examples of your passion and caring almost every day. Even on this site, I read about David Perry, who raced to Penn Station to deliver a briefcase to a frantic and forgetful guest. I read about Krys Krol, a bellman at Affinia Gardens, who thoughtfully ordered pizzas for his front office management team. Or Simone Merchant, a front desk manager at Affinia Dumont, who created on her own a signature Berry Mojito Mocktail to serve during Wine Hour. And there was the staff at The Benjamin, who recently provided the “very bestest  birthday” to a lucky seven-year-old girl. Those are the actions of people who clearly love their jobs.

They should be an inspiration to all of us. We’ve talked a lot about innovation in June, but without passion, there’s no innovating. The Wright Brothers are great examples. Their passion led them to new heights, and so can ours.

Exemplifying Innovation – EarthCam streams Affinia Dumont’s Skyline Views

(Posted on behalf of Alex Spektor, General Manager at the Affinia Dumont)

Ever since my first day at the Affinia Dumont, I’ve always heard about impressive views that most of our rooms offer of the midtown skyline and East river.  The Dumont is 37 stories high and is the tallest hotel in our portfolio.  After many conversations with our guests and associates, we have developed a new line of suites which highlight one of the biggest differentiators our hotel offers – the views.  We named these  – The Skyline Suites.  We converted 36 upper floor suites into Skyline suites which also offer guest telescopes to fully enjoy their panoramic experience.  The term “Skyline Suites” was quickly picked up by our guests and it is now one of the most mentioned items on our Tripadvisor reviews, of course, after “friendly staff” which is always the most mentioned.



This month we’ve reached yet another milestone related to our views.  We installed a webcam on our rooftop which streams live views of the Chrysler building and midtown skyline live, 24-hourrs a day.  This webcam was installed by Earthcam, worlds leading provider of live cameras and we are actually featured on their website for NYC Midtown Skyline view.  To view this live cam please click on the link:


The next phase of this project is to integrate this webcam experience into our site, so that our guests can enjoy watching views from their favorite hotel at any time from home and make their future plans to return to NYC.  The EarthCam will be utilized over July 4th to stream video across town of the Macy’s fireworks.  As Freedom Tower gets completed our camera will turn towards downtown to highlight this important project for the City.   Stay tuned for more news related to the webcam and be sure to check it out yourself.


Thank you for stopping by to enjoy our views!

Rolling Out Evening Libations at NYC Affinia Hotels!

By Leslie Wolf and John Bradway


How does a complimentary glass of wine (or two) sound? Well, now Affinia Hotels in NYC are inviting our guests to enjoy a complimentary wine hour to start their nights off right. Affinia Shelburne kicked off the first Evening Libations in true Affinia style – complete with vino games, fun peace sign wine stoppers and of course our bartenders who have unique talents beyond the pour (shout out to Micaela, Jeff, Jada and Oneca who helped make sure the first wine hour went off without a hitch).

Evening libations is a great opportunity for Affinia guests to relax, socialize and unwind during their stay. We are thrilled to have launched Evening Libations so far at Affinia Shelburne, Affinia Dumont, Affinia 50 and most recently Affinia Manhattan (thanks Vanessa and Oscar for serving the first wine hour at AM!)

So far, guests are loving it and our Trip Advisor and Market Metrix scores are starting to reflect it! We can’t wait to see how the program evolves and look forward to having our guests continue to come sip, chat and be merry.


Berry Innovative!


On a creative whim Simone Merchant, Front Desk Manager at the Affinia Dumont, suggested we mix up the signature drink that we serve to our Wine Hour patrons. She came up with the concept of a Berry Mojito Mocktail. Simone purchased all the fixings to make her sparkling fruity mint concoction and put the whole thing together in time for Wine Hour. The refreshing summer drink was quite the conversation starter and our regular guests said that they would love to see it more often!

Way to think outside of the box to wow our guests Simone- can’t wait to see what’s up next on the menu!

Outstanding GM of the Year

By Hannah Weller

Teamwork Recognized by the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association

Alex Spektor, general manager of Affinia Dumont, was recognized by the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association as “Outstanding General Manager of the Year.” The nomination for his award, which was submitted by a team of managers at Affinia Dumont, was inspired by his incredible display of teamwork and leadership before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City.

Please check out the YouTube video and join me in congratulating Alex, New York State’s 2013 outstanding general manager of the year!

Early Mother’s Day Gifts at the Affinia Dumont!

Early Mother's Day Gifts at the Affinia Dumont!

Associate Satisfaction is a huge effort at the Affinia Dumont and ensuring our team has the tools and supplies needed to do their job efficiently is key! New vacuums were a major need at the Dumont for the room attendants, so what better way to surprise them than to give out 20 new vacuums all at the same time right before mother’s day! They were even wrapped in pretty bows! The new vacuum makes their job alot easier. One room attendant’s comments were “Just like a new BMW, the vacuum glides smoothly. I love it!”