Message from Brooke & Patrick

Dear Denihan Team Members,

It’s probably an understatement to say all our lives have changed in such a brief period of time.  The impact that COVID-19 is having on all of us is unprecedented.  As you know, we have had to make some very difficult decisions as owners of Denihan to ensure the survival of our business.  We know this has been difficult for all of you and we appreciate your support and understanding.   

We have been a family business for over 50 years and been through many ups and downs.  We must admit that this current situation has been the most challenging in the history of our business. But it’s during the most challenging times that we need to be resourceful and come together. We are reminded of a story our father told us of how the family’s laundry business survived during WWII.  While the men were away on the battlefield, the women in the family were left to run the business.  They quickly came together and shifted the focus of the cleaning business to military contracts to keep the business afloat.   Similarly, we have seen so many of our team members rise to the occasion these past few weeks and be resourceful in so many ways.

While it is impossible to know how long this crisis will last, the strength, determination, courage and resilience we all possess will get us through this.  We will see you on the other side and begin anew together!

Thank you for all you do for us.  May you and your loved ones stay safe and God bless!


Brooke and Patrick

PS. We will continue to stay in touch with all of you.

Brooke D. Barrett                                         Patrick Denihan

Chief Executive Officer                                 Chief Executive Officer

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