St. Jude’s Walk/Run to honor Madaline Ansalone

On Saturday, September 28th, Denihan participated in the St. Jude’s Walk/Run to honor Madaline Ansalone.

Denihan had a group of Madaline’s colleagues and family participate and the group raised over $7000 for St. Jude’s.  Out of 209 teams, Denihan’s team was in the top 10 in funds raised!  Overall the New York St. Jude’s walk raised $384,668 and this all goes to cover the cost of hospital stays for children with cancer.

Thank you to all that participated and donated.  Madaline would be so proud of what we accomplished!

15 Comments on St. Jude’s Walk/Run to honor Madaline Ansalone

  1. Jennifer Baldwin
    October 2, 2019 at 8:54 am (12 months ago)

    Was a great day celebrating a very special person! Thank you to Tom and the Financial Services team – and of course our Team Captain Todd Richardson 🙂 for all their work in putting this together. Looking forward to participating again next year!!!

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