January Shout Outs!

Our January Shout Winner is:

Tulsi Drepaul, Senior Director of Purchasing who successfully negotiated down multiple Gardens NYC renovation vendors to over 50% reductions from list pricing. Tulsi has saved the project close to $100K!. She has worked with the D&C team to find multiple James NoMad carpet options.  At all times Tulsi has demonstrated a keen willingness to help and a great understanding of how to professionally purchase.

Tulsi was also instrumental in negotiating a new deal with Diptyque for the bath amenities at the Surrey. If not for Tulsi’s creativity and negotiating skills we would have had to move away from this great brand and potential partnership for a lower cost option.  We now have a product that costs less than the budget/target and is perfectly aligned with The Surrey brand!

Thank you Tulsi for all you do for us!

We would also like to recognize:
Dominik Gomez, Regional Director, Revenue Management  Dominik continues to step in and support hotels during times when we do not have a DORM in place as well as continuing with his other revenue duties. Dominik has stepped into Chicago and has dug into how we are set up in price positioning, looked at all our channels and made some positive changes which has yielded positive results.  

Dominik was also instrumental in getting all revenue budgets in new formats for sales goals purpose.  Dominik kept this process going and provided information as needed.

Dominik spends time each week and month to call out and give shout outs to hotels team based on STR results.  He looks for the positive and highlights those as well as offers areas of improvement so, this is Dominik’s time for a shout out!

And finally a big shout out to Carla Paul, Director Revenue Management who in addition to the Surrey oversaw the Nomad and very happy to do so.  

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