Tuesday Trivia questions and winners!

And the fun continues…all smiles from our Trivia Tuesday winners! Enjoy the gift cards!

Test your knowledge of Denihan Trivia! The answers and winners to each question will be on the bottom

  1. What year did the Surrey reopened after a lavish renovation?
  2. Who is our most recent hire?
  3. Of the eight properties we currently manage, which is the tallest (most floors)? And which property has an actual 13th floor (meaning with a #13 elevator button)?
  4. How many bookable meeting Rooms are there currently at corporate and what are their names?
  5. How many hotels do we currently manage?
  6. In what year did Brooke and Patrick buy out their family members to become sole owners & Co-CEO’s?
  7. What is the closest landmark to Corporate?
  8. Once the company name, what does M.E.S.H stand for?
  9. What year was the company established? (Hint: Think Dry cleaning company)
  10. What was our very 1st Hotel?

  1. Randa Marie- 2009
  2. Tiffany Kain- Randa Marie
  3. Ramsey Grey- Tallest is The Benjamin & 13th Floor with Shelburne
  4. Cassie Saldutti- 4; Surrey Boardroom, James community room, The Family Room, Benjamin executive room
  5. Jon Hodges- 8
  6. Declan Fitzpatrick 2006!
  7. Anika Malhotra- Rockefeller Center
  8. Jaime Barbot- Manhattan East Suite Hotels
  9. Justin Allen- 1915
  10. Ryan Callahan- Lyden Gardens

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