July/August Shout Outs!

July/August Shout Out Winners

Elaine Lim, Interactive Marketing and Design Manager,

Elaine coordinated the CRM efforts for all Facility Fee changes, surveys, tax tables etc. with Cendyn and helped the internal Denihan team in getting all testing completed for confirmations of the same.  The process has been long and is still in progress for some items but she continues to push our vendor to get everything right ensuring a positive guest experience.

Elaine works long hours and not only does she work on her own workload but always reaches out to the marketing team to help them work on their initiatives as well.  Elaine is an excellent example of a team player.

Recently she was chosen to lead the move for the marketing team and has taken that task very seriously.  She has personally cleaned up some of the old marketing cubicles, kept on all team members to clean out their area and even chased me to clean out my office.

Throughout everything that Elaine does she always maintains a super positive attitude and always has a smile on her face. Elaine’s support to the marketing team is immeasurable and her dedication is an example to all of us.


Eleni Soultanoglou, VP Operations, Strategy & Innovation.

Eleni’s leadership, hard work and creativity went a long way in making a successful vision presentation in August.   The locale, music, presentation deck and collateral were best in class and created the synergy and excitement needed for us to move ahead.   Great job!





We would also like to recognize Allison Lew, Senior Tech. Support Analyst and Ramsey Grey, IT Manager. 

Both Allison and Ramsey have stepped up and took extra on responsibilities in the last 6 months – without hesitation or reservation.

They were tasked to take on extra load, learn new technical skills and perform new duties.

For example

  • Ramsey took on managing the Anti-Virus management from Alliant. That saved us some $35,000 per year.
  • Allison is carrying out the Help Desk duties performed by 3 people, just 6 months ago.

It is quite amazing to see each of their productivity output – each working on 3 computer systems at the same time, multitasking their work and helping users out with their issues.

More amazing is their positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for the company.


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