May / June Corporate Shout Outs!!!

We would like to give a Big Shout Out to members of the Corporate Operations team, Chris Horn, Associate Director of Operations, and Chris Oltoff, Director of Operations, for their tireless efforts at ensuring the seamless transition of the Dumont,  supporting the transition of WeHo, and  the opening of the James NoMad while ensuring that the hotels and corporate teams get the support they need (e.g., implementing a property review agenda, managing leadership transitions, and addressing application issues).  Both are dedicated to constantly remaining flexible in addressing the needs of the business, enhancing our processes and strategically moving forward.  Thank you, Chris and Chris for giving your best always!

(Carl Cohen and Chris Olthoff)

(Chris Horn)

Another Big Shout Out goes to Leslie Wolf, Director of Brand Management, for going above and beyond in every way to support the James brand.  With Emily Shattan out on leave, Leslie stepped in to ensure that James Brand Programs were developed and completed.  Leslie has done an outstanding job and has been a true team player covering all the bases while Emily is out.  Thank you, Leslie, for going above and beyond.

(Leslie Wolf)

We would also like to recognize the following corporate associates:

  • Victor Infante, FIT Coordinator, for his continuous commitment to learning, growing and providing excellent customer service. Victor has worked hard to upsell and bring more revenue to Denihan.  He is always helpful and responds quickly to address any issues
  • Ryan Callahan, Controller, for being a pleasure to work with – he is incredibly helpful, patient and reliable, and
  • Susan Sondheim, Cheryl Franz, and Phil Daily for creating training experiences for James NoMad Managers and Team Members that instills the James Culture in the hotel.

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!





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