March/April Shout Outs!!!

  • We would like to give a Big Shout out for the Delphi implementation team – Lloyd Tapper, Director of Applications & Client Services, Kathy Magrane, Director of Sales Solutions & Systems, and Jenn Delgado, Area Director of Catering & Conference Services. They have been the driving force behind the installation of the cloud based Delphi system at our hotels. As you may know, Delphi is our sales and catering system that keeps track of how we book, manage and track all our business and manage all our contacts and contracts with clients. This is a tremendous undertaking and has been met with much success due to the planning and execution that the 3 team members have dedicated to this project. Thank you, Lloyd, Kathy and Jenn for giving your best always! We appreciate it and our clients appreciate it as well.

(Pictured Left to Right: Kathy Magrane, Lloyd Tapper and Jennifer Delgado)

  • We would also like to recognize Jeff Levy, Area Director of Revenue. Due to changes in the construction schedule, Jeff has been diligently working and reworking The James NoMad revenue budget for ownership. Jeff has revised the budget so many times, that he can do it blind-folded and with two hands tied behind his back! Thank you, Jeff, for your hard work and attention to the numbers and forecast for our newest James NoMad! Keep it up Jeff!

  • Let’s give a Shout Out to Kris Trzcinka, Accounts Payable Supervisor, for spearheading the launch of FileBound system. This is our newly automated Accounts Payable system that routes invoices to the appropriate individuals for approval and payment quickly and electronically. It eliminates paper copies of invoices and enables the users to see exactly where an invoice is in the approval process by locating it in the system. He did a great job, it was a lot of work rolling out the complicated work flow process and training associates to use the system. Well done Kris. We look forward to seeing everyone in financial services not have any more paper on their desks!

  • And, last but not least, a big shout goes to Tiffany Chin, Digital UX and Project Coordinator and Andrea Urist, Web Operations Manager. Both Tiffany Chin and Andrea Urist have been working diligently on building and upgrading our beautifully designed customer facing websites. Most especially but not limited to, the James website refresh, the new Affinia platform mobile site, and creation of an affinia blog. Thanks to both Tiffany and Andrea, unsung heroes, who have toiled through a lot of tedious but important behind the scene detail to make sure our websites look great!

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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