June Corporate Shout Outs!!!

Our June Corporate Shout out goes to …..James Bartiromo, our Senior Sales Manager, who recently booked a $10 million dollar five year contract for the Amtrak crew to stay at the Manhattan NYC hotel. James is the consummate sales person highly respected in the hospitality industry.  His ability to bring in this  business stems from a long term relationship with Amtrak that he recently renewed last November.  Through his tenacity and focus on customer needs he was able to secure this highly desirable piece of business. Congratulations to James!… Way to Go!

We’d also like to recognize the following…..

  • Nicole Haber, our Director of Product Development,  for her efforts in coordinating the model room notes and responses for the James Chicago and the Carlton. Her eye for detail and knack for combining form with function will go a long way in making our guests happy in these new rooms.  In addition, she has assisted with the James West Hollywood team in putting together the FFE and OSE specs to ensure a timely opening as well as managing multiple FFE Capex projects at the rest of our hotels.
  • Jamie Barbot, our Conference Services Manager for the NY Region, for her behind the scenes role in coordinating the $3.5 million dollars worth of financial summer training business staying with us this year.  She entered the rooming lists for over 600 trainees, set up billing for each hotel, and coordinated with each front desk team to ensure a smooth check in experience and stay for the Bank of America and Goldman Sachs trainees.
  • Emily Shattan, our Senior Director of Brand Management, for putting in long hours and weekends in finalizing and successfully launching the James West Hollywood website. We are now accepting reservations as of March 2017!!!

Corp Shout out

(Pictured left to right: Jamie Barbot, James Bartiromo, Emily Shattan, & Nicole Haber)

We would also like to recognize some teams who have gone above and beyond this past month……….

  • To the entire Financial Services team, especially the controllers and senior accountants, for their hard work and teamwork in closing the books and not missing a beat, during a period of being short staffed and ramping up new players.
  • To the team of individualswho worked so hard on a proposal to manage another hotel in NYC.  During the month of June a very significant opportunity was presented to Denihan as the possible Property Manager for a large independent hotel in NYC. The opportunity is quite large and if we win will be a “game changer” for Denihan. It was a critical team effort to respond!

The window for responding was very tight. We needed lots of data/information, analysis and recommendations completed within just a couple of weeks. While the request for proposal (RFP) comes to us via our Development team, and much of the effort falls on that group, almost every group within our company was involved. Sales, Marketing, F&B, Design & Construction, Operations, IT and Finance all provided input and worked diligently to formulate a top quality response to the proposal. Noteworthy contributors to the effort are Tyler Lavin, Simon Warrington, Declan Fitzpatrick, Steve Rubin, Phil Daily, Matt Norman, Steve Alfieri, Maureen O’Brien, Patrick Chiappetta, Kelli Martin, Stephen Phuvasitkul, and CT Woo. Leading the combined effort were Melissa Cornfeld and Ellen Brown.

In the end, our response was delivered on time, with quality work that looked fantastic! Next step is to present live to the decision makers. This incredible group effort enabled us to get to the next step of this process.

Great job by all!

Thanks to all of you for making our guests our #1 priority and working together to achieve our goals!

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