Fam Trip

Abraham Bermudez hosted our first “Fam Trip” since the pandemic hit at Fifty Hotel & Suites on November 23rd – 26th.  Abraham had hosted 8 top agents from top travel agencies in Chile in partnership with NYC & Company.

Fifty Hotel & Suites was able to accommodate the group for an early check-in and did a special breakfast for them on Nov 24th  followed by a full site inspection at the Fifty and The Benjamin. Agents were very happy and loved both hotels!

Thank You Lloyd!

On Thursday October 28th, Lloyd Tapper was recognized for his outstanding efforts and achievements! Below are a few stories about the amazing and dedicated associate that Lloyd is.

How about how Lloyd got in his car at 930p at night to come to the Benjamin to get the internet working when we had a baseball team arriving!! – David Sandler
I have too many occasions to pinpoint one, but my favorite part is when I send Lloyd an email asking for help troubleshooting something (printer, panic button system, new laptop setup – you name it!) and suddenly the computer is “alive”. The mouse cursor moving here and there… He remotes in and ta-dah! fixes everything 😄 – Leticia Ryan
The fact that Lloyd Tapper still picks up my calls and has not blocked my number is amazing in itself. Not to mention his patience, response time and problem resolution! Can’t thank Lloyd enough for all he has done especially since the beginning of the pandemic. The only thing I would like Lloyd to do is to acknowledge to the group that Most of the issues I do have are not my fault!!! Thank you Lloyd for all that you do! – Jill Lieblein
I cannot thank Lloyd enough for his support to our team. He’s always quick to assist when needed. We had some hiccups with our OPI Shift4 Installation, but Lloyd was able ease the growing pains for this transition. – Trang Phan
Last Saturday, I was working with the DC United soccer team and I needed Lloyd Tapper’s help. I called Lloyd and when he answered his phone, he sounded like he was out of breath. I immediately asked Lloyd “Who is chasing you?”. Lloyd replied “No one, I just got to the top of a mountain”. While Lloyd was on top of that mountain, he was able to help with whatever I needed. Lloyd is one person that you can always bank on to help whether he is on vacation, working from the office, working from home or on the top of a mountain. He is always willing to help without any hesitation. Lloyd Is a good man. – Chris Ramlochan

“Let There Be Light”!!!

After over a year and a half of Local Law 11 work, the Shelburne Hotel is now seeing the light!!! The scaffolding that covered almost the entire building has been removed on the Lexington Avenue and 37th Street sides. We are so pleased that the Local Law 11 project is almost finalized and guests can get back to enjoying our incredible views of the East River and Empire State Building! Special thanks to Declan Fitzpatrick, Muhamad Ahmad and Chris Ramlochan for all their hard work and patience throughout the project.

NYC & Company Talks: Get Involved with Our Global Tourism Campaign

In late June many members of our Sales and Marketing team attended NYC & Company Talks which feature industry updates and insightful discussions around topics relevant to tourism and hospitality businesses in the five boroughs. Please click into the below recorded webinar (broadcasted on June 29, 2021) to learn more about our cities biggest tourism campaign to date, including a detailed look at ​the campaign creative, promotional plan and many opportunities for members to participate. Share your favorite takeaways in the commentary section.


One Perk from Local law 11

During our local law 11 project at our Shelburne Hotel and Suites, we had an opportunity to repaint the original Shelburne signage on the east facing wall of our hotel. The signage came out great! Many thanks to Declan and the team at our Shelburne for managing this big project. As an FYI, the project is nearly complete which means our scaffolding will soon be a thing of the past.

Our New Home

As many of you know, we have moved our corporate office to our Shelburne Hotel and Suites.  We have welcomed many team members but above are two of our regulars.  If you are looking for a different environment and want to come to work in person, please see below for tips for a smooth transition. As a reminder, this move does not mean a mandatory or imminent return to work in the office currently. 

  • Please e mail Muhamad Ahmad, Jennifer Baldwin or Chris Ramlochan to let us know when you are coming to the office.   Please provide at least a week’s notice.   We will have a key readily available for you at the Front Desk and have your office/workspace accessible when you need it.
  • As the offices will be located on the 2nd floor, we are restricting the two guest elevators from stopping on the floor.  If you would like to utilize an elevator, kindly use the Service elevator car which will continue to make stops on the 2nd floor.  Otherwise, you may use one of our two stairwells that will take you up one flight up to the office. 
  • Upon arriving to the 2nd floor, we would ask that you first report to room 202 to fill out a quick survey required by the Department of Health and take your temperature at the thermal thermometer kiosk.  We will have PPE readily available to all our corporate associates in Room 202 and in your office space. 
  • At the end of each workday, we would ask that you leave any garbage in a bag placed outside of your office.  Our Housekeeping team will conduct walk thru of the 2nd floor each evening to ensure it is picked up.  Please contact the Front Desk by dialing “0” on your in room phone for any additional Housekeeping needs.
  • We will have a folder in each office space that includes a list of Hotel extensions, nearby restaurants, shops, etc.  in each office space.  Please let us know if there is any additional information/assistance you may need. 

   We hope to see you soon.

Denihan “Take Your Pet to Work Day!”

On April 29th, Denihan hosted their monthly virtual stand up call with a bit of twist. All participants were invited to bring their pet to work with them! Although some of our fur babies were a little shy, we were able to get some great shots of our team with their adorable furry friends. Thanks to everyone who participated!

First Annual Virtual Halloween Contest

The judges have all cast their votes and are pleased to announce the grand prize winner of our first annual Virtual Halloween Contest!  Many thanks to all of our participants for bringing smiles to everyone’s faces this year.  Please continue to celebrate this spooky holiday safety…  Happy Halloween!!

Congratulations Angie Reyes, enjoy your brand new iPad Air!

Denihan Family & Friends Rate

With fall approaching, now is the prefect time to getaway and RE-DISCOVER the city! Spread the word and don’t forget when booking to use your Denihan Friends & Family special rate code by clicking the links below or through the use of MyHR Place.

The Benjamin Hotel: Rates starting from $159https://be.synxis.com/?adult=1&arrive=2020-09-21&chain=5158&child=0&currency=USD&depart=2020-09-22&hotel=10150&level=hotel&locale=en-US&promo=BENFRI&rooms=1

Affinia Hotels & Suites: Rates starting from $109https://be.synxis.com/?chain=5158&theme=affinia&brand=AFFIN&promo=AHCFRI

Tough times don’t last, tough people do!

We wanted to share some of the incredible feedback received on TripAdvisor for each of our Core 4 hotels. Our guests have spoken about how accommodating and resilient our teams have been during such difficult times. With review titles like “COVID CHAMPS” and “HELPING HEALTHCARE WORKERS” – we want to thank our employees for all their hard work in the current environment to ensure that the safety and security of our guests remains our number one priority. We are #DENIHANSTRONG!

American Hotel & Lodging Association Free Resources


Courses Include Online Hospitality Trainings, GED, ESL, College

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 1, 2020) – In an effort to support the 8 million hotel industry employees affected by this unprecedented public health crisis, the American Hotel & Lodging Foundation (AHLA Foundation), the charitable giving arm of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), today announced free resources to help industry employees continue their education during this difficult time.

As part of AHLA’s Hospitality for Hope Initiative, the AHLA Foundation will provide:

  • Free hospitality management online courses
  • Professional development scholarships for AHLA certifications
  • Continuing education online programs (English as a Second Language, GED, and Associate Degree College Courses)

In this time when travel has virtually come to a halt and many employers have had to furlough their team members, ongoing learning opportunities can keep employees connected to the job. The Foundation has underwritten funding to provide the top three online manger trainings at no cost to all lodging employees in the U.S. These include:

  • Supervisory Skills Builders,
  • Hospitality Manager: Leadership, and
  • Certified Hotel Administrator review course

The courses are provided through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and will be made available April 1 – 30. 

“With nearly four million hotel workers losing their jobs because of this public health crisis, the AHLA Foundation aims to provide free opportunities to help employees advance their skills and education so that when we all get back to work, they are one step ahead,” said Rosanna Maietta, President of AHLA Foundation & AHLA EVP. “Our people are our greatest resource, and in their time of need, we want to do all we can to support them with free education and certification opportunities.”

In addition to the AHLEI managerial courses, the Foundation is offering professional development scholarships to cover the cost of AHLA’s portfolio of professional certifications, allowing individuals to grow their industry knowledge, enhance their professional skills, and receive industry recognition.

Additionally, the Foundation is providing scholarship funds to support continuing education for employees seeking attainment in English as a Second Language, high school diploma equivalency via the GED, and Associate Degree college courses that can all be done online through Pearson AcceleratED.

Information on the free training courses, professional development scholarships, and continuing education offerings can be found by visiting www.ahlafoundation.org.

The Foundation’s announcement is part of AHLA’s newly announced Hospitality for Hope Initiative, which seeks to showcase the positive work the hospitality industry is doing to help employees, communities across the country, and the industry during this unprecedented health crisis.

In the midst of this challenging time, we are encouraged by the many individuals and groups coming together to create much needed support systems. For those interested in joining our support network, consider financially supporting the Foundation’s relief efforts by making a donation HERE.


About The AHLA Foundation:

The AHLA Foundation, the charitable giving arm of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, is dedicated to helping people build careers, improve their lives and strengthen the lodging industry. From lifting individuals out of poverty and connecting them with a life-long career in the industry to providing certifications to promote current hotel employees into leadership positions, the Foundation’s programs are changing the industry by changing lives. We are committed to elevating, educating, and empowering individuals and the public on the industry’s story of opportunity and advancement. Since its founding in 1953, the Foundation has distributed over $27 million in support of the industry and is committed to ensuring a strong and viable workforce for the entire lodging industry. The Foundation is funded solely by contributions from generous individuals and companies who want to give back to the hotel industry and ensure a successful future. Learn more at www.ahlafoundation.org.

Message from Brooke & Patrick

Dear Denihan Team Members,

It’s probably an understatement to say all our lives have changed in such a brief period of time.  The impact that COVID-19 is having on all of us is unprecedented.  As you know, we have had to make some very difficult decisions as owners of Denihan to ensure the survival of our business.  We know this has been difficult for all of you and we appreciate your support and understanding.   

We have been a family business for over 50 years and been through many ups and downs.  We must admit that this current situation has been the most challenging in the history of our business. But it’s during the most challenging times that we need to be resourceful and come together. We are reminded of a story our father told us of how the family’s laundry business survived during WWII.  While the men were away on the battlefield, the women in the family were left to run the business.  They quickly came together and shifted the focus of the cleaning business to military contracts to keep the business afloat.   Similarly, we have seen so many of our team members rise to the occasion these past few weeks and be resourceful in so many ways.

While it is impossible to know how long this crisis will last, the strength, determination, courage and resilience we all possess will get us through this.  We will see you on the other side and begin anew together!

Thank you for all you do for us.  May you and your loved ones stay safe and God bless!


Brooke and Patrick

PS. We will continue to stay in touch with all of you.

Brooke D. Barrett                                         Patrick Denihan

Chief Executive Officer                                 Chief Executive Officer

Looking Forward to a Much Brighter Tomorrow!

Tough times bring our amazing and dedicated teams closer together.  As you know, we had to temporarily close The Benjamin and The Surrey, making it one of the most difficult weeks in our companies’ history.  But it’s a reminder of how resilient our teams are.  Shout outs with a special thank you to the entire management teams at both properties, as they each demonstrated a high level of professionalism and teamwork while navigating through unprecedented circumstances. We look forward to seeing everyone’s welcoming smiles very soon! Stay safe and healthy.

Shout Out Winners Luncheon!

Some of our recent shout out winners enjoyed a lovely luncheon with Brooke at Cafe Centro.

Pictured from left to right: Eleanor Carter, Brooke Barrett, Karla Pastrana, Virginia Schultz, Amaris Olivo-Brito, Jackie Elbaidouri, Mary DiPreta

Super Bowl LIV at the Fifty was a Success!

We celebrated by hosting an extended wine hour, complete with a raffle at Kickoff. Our guests enjoyed special snacks and decorations, and a memorable Super Bowl Sunday at the Fifty!

Red Carpet Hospitality Gala

The Hotel Association of NYC Foundation hosted its annual Red Carpet Hospitality Gala on December 2nd at the Grand Hyatt New York. The event was led by HANY Foundation co-chair, Vijay Dandapani and Loews Hotels Chairman & CEO, Jonathan Tisch, who honored entrepreneur, Ian Schrager and The Shubert Organization.

The gala was attended by our On Property Leadership & Corporate Operations Teams.

Annual Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Lunch

Denihan Corporate hosted it’s annual Thanksgiving pot-luck lunch today. Thank you to all who contributed and here’s to another successful associate gathering. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Gabrielle Rein x Fifty

Fifty Hotel & Suites hosted and informal meet and greet during wine hour with artist Gabrielle Rein whose art is on display in Fifty’s Club Room. The event was a great success with guests and press in attendance. Next time your at the Fifty check out her art work!

Runstreet x Gardens Suites Hotel

Gardens Suites Hotel partnered with Runstreet for a recent fun filled, Art Run. The event started off with a talk by featured artist Rubin, who gave insight into his creation process for the beautiful murals painted on the back patio walls as well as the garage door at Gardens. Then a 5k run was followed around Midtown, Manhattan passing by other street murals. Thank you to all who participated!

Pumpkin Decorating Contest!

The Winner Is:  From the Executive, Ops, Development Team
The before and after of a guest checking into and out of the Gardens Suite Hotel by Affinia!
This was an amazing two-sided two-faced pumpkin – congratulations to the team for a job well done!
All of the pumpkins submitted showed great creativity and a strong team effort.  Everyone should be very proud of their work and really are all winners!
Submitted By Finance
Submitted By Human Resources
Submitted by IT/Design & Construction/Facilities
Submitted by Marketing
Submitted by Revenue Department
Submitted By Sales

We also held a candy count contest – to see who could guess the number of tootsie rolls in the jar…..many were close but the overall winner was Lloyd Tapper – Congratulations!!       

The Benjamin Hotel x Pajama Program

On October 18, The Benjamin hosted a reading session in partnership with Pajama Program, a nonprofit organization that promotes a healthy bedtime routine for children. Volunteers from The Benjamin team read to a group of 15 kindergartners (Ages 4 and 5) from a school in the Bronx. Dr. Rebecca Robbins was a guest speaker for the reading session. The kids received an inspiring storybook, cozy pajamas and a Winkz owl to take home!

Thank you to all the volunteers that supported the event and stay tuned for more reading sessions at The Benjamin!

2019 Big Apple Stars Nominees

Congratulations to all of Denihan’s Big Apple Stars nominees and Gunita Suri at The Benjamin who was a finalist!

Full-Time Hourly With Guest Contact
Imre Nemeth, the Benjamin Hotel
Leah Singleton, Fifty Hotel & Suites
Javon Maynard , Gardens Hotel & Suites
Jean Benjamin, Shelburne Hotel & Suites
Irving Rodriguez, Surrey Hotel

Full-Time Hourly Without Guest Contact
Dagoberto Duque, The Benjamin Hotel
Morris Cargill, Fifty Hotel & Suites
Omar Oughton, Gardens Hotel & Suites
George Amponsah, Shelburne Hotel & Suites
Ricardo Almonte, Surrey Hotel

Full-Time Room Attendant
Aniberca Reyes, The Benjamin Hotel
Barbara Skorka, Fifty Hotel & Suites
Anna Bielen, Gardens Hotel & Suites
Matilda Creglia, Shelburne Hotel & Suites
Suze Philemon, Surrey Hotel

Managerial Below General Manager
Gunita Suri, The Benjamin Hotel **Finalist**
Patricia Leon, Fifty Hotel & Suites
Henry Cabrera, Gardens Hotel & Suites
Ronald Lewis, Shelburne Hotel & Suites
Dino Sigalas, Surrey Hotel

St. Jude’s Walk/Run to honor Madaline Ansalone

On Saturday, September 28th, Denihan participated in the St. Jude’s Walk/Run to honor Madaline Ansalone.

Denihan had a group of Madaline’s colleagues and family participate and the group raised over $7000 for St. Jude’s.  Out of 209 teams, Denihan’s team was in the top 10 in funds raised!  Overall the New York St. Jude’s walk raised $384,668 and this all goes to cover the cost of hospital stays for children with cancer.

Thank you to all that participated and donated.  Madaline would be so proud of what we accomplished!

2019 Housekeeping Week Concludes…

Housekeeping week continued last week with food, snacks, chair massages, games, raffles, ice cream and more! Everyone enjoyed a week long fun of celebration  and received a customized Denihan gift! Thank you to all who helped make the week fun for our team, and the biggest thank you to our Housekeeping Teams, we wouldn’t have this week without all your hard work and dedication!! 

2019 Housekeeping Week Begins!

Housekeeping week kicked off to a great start with a breakfast at each hotel along with some fun and games! Stay tuned for more pictures as the week continues…

Virtuoso Travel Week 2019!

The annual Virtuoso Conference was attended this year in Las Vegas by Ellen Gerchick and Andrea Ambroze  on behalf of The Surrey. This was the largest ever with over 6500 travel advisors and suppliers globally. Together they completed over 285 one on one appointments, plus several lunches and receptions in one week. Another year for The Surrey partnering with the top industry professionals!

No matter where you come from or where in the world you travel;  “Lady Liberty” always welcomes you home….#travelenlightens 
Come visit NYC!!

2019 Hotel Summer Outing

All the hotels teamed up for the 2019 Summer Outing at Sky Room NYC. Everyone enjoyed lots of food, drinks and great music! Stunning views of the city was the highlight of the night!

Thank You To All For Celebrating Services Week!

Thank you to the Shelburne Team for our lovely chocolate covered fruit and thank you to the Group Sales team for our yummy Mrs. Fields cookies!

Thank you for making us feel special this week and always being great partners! ?

Happy Retirement Franklin Wynters!

The Shelburne Hotel & Suites celebrated the retirement of Franklin Wynters. Franklin has been a loyal, dedicated member of the team for the 29 years! Thank you for all your hard work and we wish you all the best!

Celebrate Services Week!

Celebrate Services Week kicked off with a great start thanks to NYC & Company. Every year they host an event for the service managers of NYC. This was year we played Giant Jenga, Super Mario Brothers, did NYC Trivia and then visited the Cauldron where we got a full on Harry Potter Experience.

Celebrate Services Week continues until August 2nd. Stop by and say thanks to your friendly service manager ?

Summer BBQ Client Event at The Gardens

The Gardens hosted its annual Summer Client Event where we had the opportunity to showcase our rooms, outdoor space and new art installation. We had 35 key people from a mix of Corporate, Mission, Group, Travel Agents and FIT Tour Operators.
Our guests enjoyed catered barbecue from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que with Bubbles and Rose under the Artwork by @Rubin415. The food, refreshments, weather and company were perfect, and no one wanted to leave.

A special Thank You to the Gardens Operations team for the beautiful set-up and for the support from the attendees of our Corporate Sales Team.

The Benjamin’s 20th Anniversary!

The Benjamin Hotel celebrated 20 years of being the wonderful landmark we all know and love. We also celebrated associates reaching milestones of 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years! Each associate received a Benjamin pin with different colored gems depending on the years completed; yellow for 5, green for 10, red for 15 and diamond for 20. Everyone certainly had a great time! Thank you to Patrick and Brooke for stopping by and for their lovely speeches!

HSMAI Awards

A big congratulations to Ann Murtagh, who was nominated for Salesperson of the year at the HSMAI awards last week! We appreciate all her hard work and dedication to Denihan, way to go Ann!